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Being an only child in a family with parents, who are working a lot, I got taught to be independent of a very young age on. This sometimes also includes going shopping or going for dinner alone for example. Therefore, I am used to doing a lot by myself. The only thing I never did by myself was going to travel alone. When I was younger, I only travelled with parents. I just started to fly to vacation with friends a few years ago. The problem with that was that sometimes I wanted to visit places, which nobody else wanted to visit too. Due to that, I had to decide whether I want to travel alone or I am not going to see the places I want to.

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The trouble with that situation was that travelling alone sounded scary as hell. Just thinking of spending the whole day alone in a foreign city without knowing anyone, it freaked me out even just thinking about it. Luckily, last year my curiosity got stronger than my fear, and I finally got the strength to dare to go for that adventure. In March 2018, I visited Vienna not only for the first time, but it was also my first solo trip.

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It was a fantastic experience, which taught me so much! After visiting Vienna alone, I recommended travelling alone to everyone I know. A lot of people were saying that it would be weird for doing that. However, I have a few friends who dared to make that step as well, and they were so grateful for that experience as well.

Hence, here are five reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life!

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I genuinely know that travel alone does really sound scary because I have been there as well. I have even been at that point where I asked myself if I can survive a solo trip. From my experiences, I can tell you that once you got out of your comfort zone, you will get so much stronger!
You will learn that travel alone isn’t so scary at all. That a solo vacation makes you feel like you have every strength and power to do whatever you want and to reach every goal and dream you were dreaming about. After you stepped a foot out of your comfort zone, you will see every opportunity that is waiting for you!

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One of my favourite things about travelling or moving abroad is meeting incredible new people and finding fabulous new friends. Travel alone doesn’t mean that you actually have to be alone all the time. I met so many lovely friends because we happen to be by ourself the both of us while being here and there. Now whenever we have the chance, we are meeting again.

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I will tell you a secret. There are plenty of reasons, why you should do an abroad semester. Besides those reasons, for an abroad semester you should definitely go alone. Don’t get me wrong! Going with your friend can also be good because it strengthens your friendship, but I also saw it a lot of times, that you will just stick with your friend then. If this situation surrender, people tend to make less effort of finding new friends, compared to if they would go alone.
Like I already said, I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely friends abroad, and even after years, the friendship is still going strong. Additionally, I learned so many new cultural aspects from my friends because if not learning from natives, then from who else right?

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