hey, dreamers.
this is my second article writing a little about my journey in the senior year.
in two weeks i'll graduate from high school, so it has been a very confusing year for me.
but it was a year of learning and regret too, and that's what I'm going to talk about today.

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- Not focusing on my mental health

I let my soul be sad because of passing moments, bad situations and toxic people. I wish I had had some self-love for myself and not been down on account of people / situations that are not worth what I suffered.

- To have worried so much

Not one day of the year I stopped worrying about the future, I just did not know how to live in the present and it only left me anxious and frustrated. I wish I had enjoyed more moments of the present, than having lived so much in the future.

- Put a lot of pressure on myself

I am a perfectionist and I like to control everything that happens around me. Then nothing could go wrong, I had to do everything right, because if I went wrong I simply had an anxiety attack. I wish I had not put so much pressure into my studies and into myself.

- Not being myself

The school does this, it puts you into groups and forces you to be who you are not. In many situations I pretended to be someone else to fit in, just to fill the loneliness I had inside me.


- To have been lazy (sometimes)

The senior year is a tiresome year filled with applications for college entrance exams, and school work and weekly tests that only worsen the routine of a student who is already under enough pressure. So yes, I don't regret not having studied for some tests and having delayed some paper work.

- To have cut toxic friendships

I always suffered a lot from friendships that hurt me, and many friendships I had to keep away from and I don't regret doing. Give value to yourself and your well-being, few people will tell you this: but if it hurts you, it's not worth it.

- To have lived every moment with my classroom

I've enjoyed every moment with the people in my classroom since making a hidden party of the principal and even skipping the first classes to eat out of school. So if I have advice to give you is: Live intensely and enjoy these short moments of the year.

- Valued my teachers and my classes

I took everything I could from all the classes and all the teachers, I took all the learning and all the advice they gave me and put it in the notepad of my mind. So please don't forget your teachers, value a biology class, even if you don't like it, or a philosophy class, even if it doesn't make sense, just enjoy every second.

- Not having a relationship

This is going to be strange for some who read, but I don't regret not having a high school love. I know that if I think why it didn't happen, I'll just torture myself, so I'd rather think that everything happens for a reason, and that it was worth it to be with my friends than with a boyfriend/girlfriend (But that doesn't mean I haven't kissed a few mouths or had almost a relationship with someone. If you want some funny and curious stories about my senior year love life, just let me know so I write an article about it.)


i hope you have enjoyed.

drink lots of water and if you want advice on senior year or high school, let me know.

if you want to check out my article on senior year and things about career, college and life, click below:

see you soon, dreamers! xX

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