there is some favorite questions if u are bored or something... :)

1.Favorite fruit?
Watermelon! I don't care if u think that watermelon is a berry:)

2.Favorite animal?

3.Favorite food?
All kinds of junk food:D

4.Favorite dessert?
all kinds of cheesecakes

5.Favorite piece of clothing?

6.Favorite pie?
apple pie

7.Favorite sport?

8.Favorite netflix serie?
Brooklyn nine-nine

9.Favorite book?

10.Favorite movie?
the kissing booth at this moment

11.Favorite fast-food restaurant?

12.Favorite super hero?
The Phantom

13.Favorite cartoon?
Mickey Mouse i guess

14.Favorite day?
Christmas day

15. Favorite school subject?
physical education

16.Favorite hobby?
Playing piano and gymnastics

17.Favorite online shopping site?

18.Favorite boyband?

19. Favorite colour?

20. Favorite place?
My bed

21.Favorite store?
Primark of course

22.Favorite person?
My parents(can't choose one sry.)

23.Favorite website?
I don't know can I count youtube or whi of website but those are my favorites

24.Favorite instrument?

25.Favorite place to go with family?
Maybe beach

26.Favorite kind of vacation?
Vacation where I can relax and eat good food!

27.Favorite thing about travelling?
Exploring to different place and see the world.

28.Favorite pet?
I've always wanted turtle! So I guess that's my favorite.

29.Favorite thing in the sky?

30.Favorite thing about a rainy day?
Reading books in candlelight watching and listening rain.

31.Favorite color rose?
Dark red

32.Favorite winter sport?
Downhill skiing

33.Favorite sport you wish you were a pro at?
I want to be good at everything. It would be nice if I could play little bit of everything.

34.Favorite Christmas present?
I got doll house maybe four years ago. It was so big and beautiful house.

35.Favorite Winnie the Pooh character?
Winnie the pooh!

36.Favorite thing to do on breaks?
Scrolling whi...

37.Favorite piece of jewelry?
Rings, I am wearing the all the time.

38.Favorite thing to wear to bed?
Big loose t-shirt.

39.Favorite kind of house?
Detached house.

40.Favorite day of week?

41.Favorite way to relax?
Watching movies and eating snacks.

42.Favorite place to be alone?
Beach and streets in summer nights.

43.Favorite candy?
Chocolate candies and salty liquorice.

44.Favorite thing about your country?
Security and fresh air.

45.Favorite way to study?
Writing sticky notes...

46.Favorite vacation?
Summer vacation.

47.Favorite place to hang out?

48.Favorite style?
Girly and vintage style.

49.Favorite make-up?

50.Favorite way to cheer up people?
Smile for people! It makes everyone happy.