Thank U,Next ~ Ariana Grande

caring, ex, and mom image flawless, gif, and idol image

Bad Time ~ Sabrina Carpenter

aesthetic, edgy, and grunge image sabrina carpenter and singular image

Forever Young ~ Alphaville

Forever Young, music, and ❤ image alphaville, Forever Young, and Lyrics image

Hurts LIke Hell ~ Madison Beer

beer, hell, and hurts image alternative, bath, and beautiful image

Sue Me ~ Sabrina Carpenter

pink, sabrina, and singular image sabrina, sabrina carpenter, and unfiltered image

Young And Beautiful~ Lana Del Rey

lana del rey, lana, and smile image broken heart, heart broken, and Lyrics image

Electricity~ Silk City & Dua Lipa

electricity, music video, and dua lipa image electricity, gif, and Lyrics image

Hotline Bling~ Drake

Image removed Drake, wallpaper, and hotline bling image