There will be spoilers in this article, but really, it won't spoil much, since I don't even understand the book.

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The first issue I have is the narration method. How dare he, the so famous Chuck Palahniuk, write chapters where the protagonists talk about an important event and not say what is the important event. I am at a point in the story where I had to look two chapters later to understand that Tyler boiled Marla's mother.
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Even then, I'm not sure if it's a misunderstanding. This book drives me insane, and I am a very calm person. Maybe it's because I would not have read it on my own, but my literature teacher managed to impose it. So, update: it was not in fact, Marla's mother. This is fantastic, even explanations are not real explanations.
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Let me just say this: I do not understand a lot of parts in the book. For example, the start of chapter 11 is crazy, how come you start off with how fishes could lay their eggs in the butt of Tyler? I kind of got he's not exactly talking about a fish, but...
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But first of all, what is a thing that has a bloody bear? The protagonist? Is this supposed to mean he and Tyler had sex? 'cause I don't care, I'll assume it is and go on with the chapter like that. Mutters while thinking of Chuck Palahniuk crazy bitch
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Let's just add it's really annoying how he keeps jumping from a subject to another with no evident link. I scramble pieces of information and I keep being paranoid about not caring enough for one and turns out it's some shitty important shit that needs to be in my final dissertation.
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Oh and speaking of off topics, what happened to the whole "this book is supposed to denounce the capitalistic society's flaws"? I can accept if you tell me, on page 123, talking about cars high schoolers wanted is a denunciation, but what about the whole rant on chapter 9, about Irland's stone of Blarney? Also, what is going on with the soap? What is going on with the soap?!
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"You are the corps in an English murder riddle." I can read a paragraph and I think it makes sense and right in the middle of it, a sentence like that appear and I look at it, I look at it, and I read the other sentence to see that the story is just going on like Chuck Palahniuk's protagonist didn't just call me a fucking corpse. Right, of fucking course
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Talking about out of nowhere sentences, some kind of quotes just appear, in the middle of a text, and then we don't explain them. They appear like they came from a poem book. I could try and make some links with the story the chapter is telling us but, it doesn't add up. The character doesn't explain either. So what do I do? Cry?