The Death of Elisa Lam

Okay, let's talk about the one thing that is the most interesting thing to me in the world. I want to discus the thing that I can talk about for hours. I want to talk about the death of Elisa Lam. I hope most of you know what I am talking about, but if you don't, have no fear, I will enlighten you. I will tell you this, there is no answer to how she died so if you don't like mystery then go ahead and leave...

The information in this post is brought to you from Shane Dawson and Kendall Rae, but typed by me, Adele Marie...

Okay, let's begin!

Elia Lam was a 21 year-old girl from Vancouver, Canada. She went to L.A. on a vacation and stayed in the Cecil Hotel. So, the Cecil Hotel has always been a shady place. It is notorious for murderers and serial killers to stay there as well as a 'hot place' for suicides. Basically, the hotel did not have a good reputation.

Elisa was found dead in February 2013, nearly 6 years ago.

The spookiest part, the last thing that shows her alive is elevator footage. This footage is downright spooky. I will try to find a good video to share here:

(my blog has the video: or you can simply look up 'elisa lam elevator footage' into YouTube)

So as you can see (if not head over to my blog) the footage is strange. She is in the elevator, she is pressing a series of floor numbers before she steps out of the elevator and looks around, almost like she is looking for something or someone. She steps back in the elevator and hides in the corner and against the wall, waiting for the door to shut- which NEVER HAPPENS. She peers out of the door, looking side to side, but finally steps back out of the elevator and appears to be talking to someone with her arms flailing for some time before she disappears, WHICH IS WHEN THE ELEVATOR BEGINS WORKING NORMALLY! This footage is one of the biggest hurdles in figuring out what happened to her, in my opinion. The elevator just does not try to close while she is in it, but as soon as she is gone it begins closing and opening and closing and so on. You can even see that it is moving to different floors when they open because she has pushed so many buttons, remember. After seeing the footage of the elevator, many people believe that there is about a minute of video missing from it, also some think that it has been stretched, possibly to hide something or someone.

18 Days after the video, there were reports from other hotel guests saying that the water was funky. They said that is was brown and sometimes black, it smelled weird, and that it tasted odd. The hotel staff had a maintenance man check on it and Elisa Lam was found dead in the 1,000 Gallon water tank on the roof of the hotel. Her body was found floating in the tank, naked, with no signs of force or abuse.

The Theories

There are a lot of theories about what happened to Elisa, and as usual, some make sense and some are strange. I will share 8 theories with you today, and tell you all that I know about them.


Many people believe that Elisa Lam committed suicide. Elisa was bipolar, we know that, but people seem to think that she went to the Cecil Hotel with the intent to kill herself and chose that hotel due to its history with suicides. The problem is, the opening to get into the water tank is so small that it is almost impossible to get in. Also, let's paint this picture. The water tank is 1,000 gallons- that is massive- and she was found inside. Say she managed to crawl her way inside the tank, how did she get the door/hatch closed? She is now in water, kicking to stay afloat, and weighs nothing in the water. The hatch is super heavy, and she now has to close it above her while staying afloat.... no sis. However, let's just say that she managed to do it, for kicks and giggles. Now what? Well, now she takes off all of her clothes so they are floating beside her, and then she stops kicking and kills herself.


We just assumed that she had access to the roof here. Let me tell you a secret, she didn't have access to the roof. The roof had a door that required a key card to open or else an alarm would go off. So this means she either found an alternate way up, or had a key card. This is a great segue way to the next theory.

Murdered by a Staff Member

There is next to no evidence for this theory. The only hard evidence is the fact that to get on the roof, she needed a key card due to the fact no alarm was set off and there was no signs that people went on the roof at all. However, there was absolutely no signs of force, abuse, or assault. To me, this theory is easily ruled out unless he was a really good serial killer hiding in plain sight.

Moving on!

Drug Trip

Another theory is that Elisa was on drugs and was having a drug trip.... that made her kill herself? I am not entirely sure how this one leads to her death, but we shall talk about it anyways. Elisa was bipolar so she was on bipolar medication. This medication is known to cause hallucinogenic episodes, which can explain the elevator footage for sure. The issue is the fact that the drug tests came back negative for drugs, even her medications.

Possessed by the Hotel

One of the other strange theories is that Elisa Lam had been possessed by the evil in the hotel and it forced her to commit suicide. Even though this theory is far-fetched, it makes a little bit of sense. It is said that whatever possessed her made her go to the elevator and act so strange, stopped the elevator from working until she left, and then forced her to kill herself.

I am not sure how possession works, I have never been possessed, so I cannot say much about this one, but it does make sense with the elevator... I mean that elevator footage is straight up paranormal.

Killed by the Government

The next popular theory is that she was killed by the government. Now, I don't know where you stand with the Canadian Government, but it is kind of strange. Elisa tweeted a link to an article that huffpost posted about a Canadian Company investing in an invisibility cloak. Basically, it was the invisibility technology that would be used in the military, so maybe she was killed for knowing too much?

She wasn't

The tweet that she tweeted looked like she read a blog post and hit twitter share and it wasn't even typed by her. If that is the case, why would the government only kill one girl for sharing this blog post when others read it too?

Dark Water

This 'theory' isn't much of a theory, it is more of a coincidence or plot... lemme explain.

In 2002, there was a Japanese movie called Dark Water in which the main character is found dead in a hotel water tank after the guests complained about the water being strange.... I promise. Also, the girl on the movie cover is wearing clothes extremely close to the clothes Elisa Lam was wearing. So did Elisa recreate this movie? Was this a coincidence? Or, an AdeleMarie suggestion, maybe the movie was a prediction of future events.

I don't know, there is nothing more really to say about it, but it is strange. I want to find that movie to watch it because it is crazy, but we shall carry on, we have two more theories to discuss.

Another Coincidence

The Japanese movie wasn't the only strange coincidence surrounding Elisa Lam's life. Around the time of Elisa's death, there was a bad outbreak of Tuberculosis in the Skidrow area. The test to determine if one has TB is called Lam Elisa.

let me say it louder for the people in the back...

Lam Elisa!

That is a giant coincidence... or is it?

Basically, people think that the government faked her entire existence in order to hide the skidrow outbreak. It is thought that this happened so that when you google it and expect to see something about Lam Elisa, Google would be like, 'hey did you mean Elisa Lam? Here you go, she died. look at this instead.'

Maybe a coincidence, maybe plotted.

The Elevator Game

The final theory is that Elisa was playing a Korean game called The Elevator Game. In this game, you are supposed to go to a hotel, by yourself, with at least ten stories. You are supposed to go to the elevator and press a series of numbers in a particular order. It is said that when you reach the fifth floor, a woman is supposed to come in the elevator with you, but you are to not look at her or acknowledge her at all. When this happens, you press the first floor and one of two things happens: you go to the first floor where you can either carry on with the game (apparently there is more to the game I am not sure) or you leave the elevator and if you do this the woman asks where you are going and you are still to ignore her and leave, OR you are taken to the tenth floor where you have reached the 'other world' which is the point of the game.

This is thought to be true because of that dang elevator footage! It is thought that she was speaking to the woman or in the other world when she was moving her hands around and talking to nothing; however, I am not sure how this links to her death either... if this was true, how did she get to the roof? how did she die? what?

To Wrap it up

Elisa Lam died in February 2013 and no one knows what happened. Not even me, sadly. There are a lot of fun theories as to what happened, but the sad truth is that no one has answers, her family deserves answers, and no one is looking for them anymore. So I am here, once again, spreading awareness for things that need to be brought back to light. No one should be content with not knowing why someone died mysteriously. Put yourself in her families shoes and do some research to help find out what happened to poor Elisa Lam.



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