exceptionally young ladies dream begin with marriage, 3 kids, pets and a house on the lake.

my fantasy is extraordinary, my fantasy is discover bliss.

I don't surmise that that joy originate from marriage and a house on the lake.

my fantasy is to accomplish something great in my life, to do what I like, to be who I need to be.

my fantasy is to discover great in individuals, to discover bliss in individuals.

my fantasy is to see the world in harmony.

everybody is instructing me to quit imagining, and to live in reality.

however, consider the possibility that everybody stoped imagining.

How about we consider it a bit.

how am I going to be cheerful on the off chance that I didn't dream.

these fantasies props us up, they make us wake toward the beginning of the day, strive to give us a chance to make them genuine.

begin with little dreams, and make them greater regular.

be that as it may, it's dependent upon you either u dream and remain in bed, or u dream and wake early and buckle down.

it's dependent upon you