Christmas is a time of joyous festivities. In order to have a merry time during this holiday season and avoid 911 emergency calls and visits to the veterinarian’s, take proper precautions to ensure the safety of your pets. Below are some tips for a safe, hazard free holiday season!

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Electric cords

Keep electric cords for Christmas decorations secured and hidden, so that your pets do not have an opportunity to chew on the cords, which may shock or electrocute them.

Christmas tree

Secure the Christmas tree, so it doesn’t topple over and injure your pets when they try to climb it and catch the Angel.

Dangerous foods

Keep dangerous foods (i.e. chocolate, raisins, grapes, small meat bones that can splinter, such as chicken, turkey, and fish bones) and beverages with alcohol (Alcohol is very toxic to your pets.) out of the reach of your pets, and do not give sweets to your pets. Xylitol, a common sweetner, is extremely dangerous to dogs. It is known to cause seizures and at times sudden death in dogs. Cats, fortunately, are not adversely affected by Xylitol. (855-764-7661 is a 24/7 Pet Poison Hotline. Website Animal Poison Control Center)

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Gifts wrapped with ribbon, or tinsel hanging from a tree can be too darn temping – particularly for puppies and kittens. The result might be emergency surgery should they swallow it.


Play is a super stress-buster. For cats, even a 10-minute session of interactive play before the guests arrive is a good idea. A brisk walk or tossing the tennis ball or Frisbee disc can help to release canine energy before the throng arrives.

Safe place

Provide a safe place for your pet to escape the excitement (such as a kennel, crate, perching place, scratching post shelf or hiding place) if you’re entertaining guests. If your pet is excitable or scared, consider putting your pet in another room with some toys and a comfortable bed.

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