Dedicated to the people so full of love, they don't mind sharing it with those seemingly oblivious of their existence.

❝ What Is The Fangirl/boy Culture? ❞

A fangirl/boy is any person who willingly adheres to obsess over a particular; real or fictional; person, group of people, or ideas, to a variable degree.

The Urban Dictionary enjoys calling them “The Rabid Breed” as if to indicate that it’s a whole different species. However, this little germ can be found in every single one of us to some extent, in search of the right moment or subject, to start executing its havoc in full grandeur.

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It can be a book, a movie, a show, a celebrity, an internet sensation, or even an Anime character if it gets you biting your nails or losing your sleep, then congratulations my friend, you’re a part of the fam!

❝ How Does It Start And Where Does It End? ❞

It all starts by chance.

You stumble upon the first chapter, episode, song, video, etc., either at random or by a recommendation, and then later attribute it all to fate, for your life has been given a whole new perspective.

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How entering a fandom feels like.

In no time, you find yourself:

  • googling the subject,
  • memorizing the related history,
  • finding and connecting with people of the same clan that you start regarding as your new family,
  • making sense of expressions like ajshdhgdfjksdfhsdj and inside jokes and memes,
  • fighting with other fandoms and protecting yours at all costs,
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  • volunteering to bestow all your life’s savings,
  • and in very severe cases, abandoning yourself altogether, for the sole purpose of cherishing your so-deemed saviors.

And when you start wondering if there’s any way out, you realize there’s none. You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and it’s only getting deeper, but at least you’re enjoying the ride, right?

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So if you don’t want to fall, I suggest you watch your steps!

❝ The Pros and Cons ❞

Just like with every other lifestyle choice, when you adapt to the fangirling way of life, with the good, comes the bad.

For every Pro, there is an undeniable Con.

Where your subject of interest provides you just the distraction you need from your tiresome schedule, it may be causing unwanted fluctuations in your daily routine and disturbing your sleep habits.

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When your fandom provides you a chance to make new friends and engage with people from different backgrounds, it may be dragging you away from your actual friends and family.

Your love and support is doing wonders in promoting an artist’s career and the whole industry in general, but you might be running short of that attention you need to pay to self-care and your own goals.

When all of that passion and excitement is causing a boost in your happy hormones and uplifting your mood, strong feelings of attachment may also bring about their due share of jealousy, insecurity, and anxiety.

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Once you have evaluated the consequences of your decision, learn to manifest your resources in such a way, as to make the pros overweigh the cons.

Work on getting the balance between your personal life and your Fangirl life, and you’re free to be possessive-obsessive (may be even aggressive), in a healthy and harmless way.

❝ Respect The Breed ❞

A perturbing trend in today’s both real and virtual society is to mock fangirls/boys for the sheer pleasure of getting them provoked. People get bullied and regarded 'dumb' and 'stupid', just because they dedicate their lives to something seemingly out of reach, which in my opinion is absolutely inhuman and absurd on the part of the bullies.

Fans may be loud, emotional, easily excited, in a world of their own and a little hard to ignore, but they are human beings nonetheless, and they are entitled to their opinions and decisions in life.

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Don't let them tell you otherwise!
Just because a certain person or subject does not appeal to you, does not mean that you are authorized to judge someone who thinks otherwise.

Maybe it helps them out of their depression; maybe it motivates them to do better in life; maybe it’s how they escape to their happy place, away from all this chaos; you would never know unless you step inside their shoes.

So, if you're a hater whose only talent is their command on the keyboard, I hope you fall down this hole so you would know the struggle!
And if you're a lover who related with everything in this article, THEN OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ASJHDHDGFKSDFHSD!


I really hope you enjoyed!

Till next time, much love! ♡

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This article was written by @me_maddie on the We Heart It Writer's Team.