At first I did not know where I should go with this, but the moment I imagined the Caterpillar I had a wonderful idea. The result: a group of misfits that got a home because of the Mad Hatter and formed their own family after their original one did not accept them.

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Disclaimer: In this article I used the characters of the book "Alice in Wonderland" which means that characters that only appear in the second novel are not included. Although I did take inspiration from various different movies, I mostly tried to stay true to the original book. I hope I succeeded.

Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜˜


โ™ฃ๏ธ Alice

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  • never fit in
  • did not want to
  • just wanted to be herself
  • her friends are as weird as she is
  • thinks most people are boring
  • her parents work a lot
  • constantly tell her to "fit in"
  • her parents don't like her dyed hair
  • her cat is called "Dinah"
  • her parents brought her a cat because it was the most "normal pet a girl could have"
  • gets constantly compared to her older (perfect) sister
  • loves to draw
  • her parents don't like her friends
  • people assume they take drugs
  • they don't and neither does Alice
  • she does not know the real names of her friends
  • she also doesn't care
"If a pictures says more than a thousand words than why should I read?"
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"How can I tell you who I am if I don't even know that myself?"

โ™ ๏ธ The Mad Hatter

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  • "Hatter" or "Uncle"
  • loves tea and magic tricks
  • does not leave his apartment/store often
  • dresses weird
  • never talks about his past
  • gives weird answers when asked normal questions
  • has a small shop were he sells hats...and lives
  • actually sells a lot of stuff besides hats
  • from outside it looks like a Cafรฉ
  • smashes every phone he sees
  • does not like this "new" technology
  • more or less takes care of these misfits
  • gave them food and a place to stay when their parents kicked them out (some like Alice were not kicked out)
  • gives outsiders a home
  • has schizophrenia but takes his meds
"My drug of choice is tea"
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"Why do you call yourself a hatter, when you have a store that sells so much more?"
"Do I have a hat to sell?"
"Yes", Alice replied slowly.
"So therefore I am a Hatter"

โ™ ๏ธ March Hare

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  • always tells the same stories
  • has Alzheimer
  • laughs rather loud and hysterically
  • lives at the Mad Hatters place
  • likes to dress formal
  • hates chess, just makes up his own rules
  • starts projects and then never finishes them
"What do you mean, today is not my birthday? Well, then we have to celebrate even more! I am not one year nearer to death!"
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"I was not always an old man so be silent!"

โ™ฃ๏ธ The Dormouse

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  • "Mouse"
  • works at night
  • sleeps through the day
  • is always sleepy no matter how much she slept
  • has a sleepy voice, always
  • often recites poems instead of answering questions
  • when not asleep, then she is on her phone
  • would text someone who is in the next room
  • would text the person next to her, just so she does not have to talk
  • loves silence
  • is really short (around 1,50 cm, around 5 feet)
  • hates make - up
  • lives at the Mad Hatters place
"What? Do you hear something?"
"No. I just want you to be silent."
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"How old are you exactly?"
"Definitely a year older than last year"

โ™ ๏ธ The White Rabbit

mask image
  • "Rabbit" or "Ra" (because we don't have time for that!)
  • seems the most sane
  • introduced Alice to the others (more or less, it was not really an introduction)
  • always late
  • his phone rings all the time because of some alarm he forgot to delete
  • abusive parents
  • but he loves them
  • rich (has servants)
  • very good student
  • studies a lot, does not sleep enough
  • insomnia
  • always stressed
  • anxiety
  • tech - nerd
  • perfectionist
"Don't let others see how messy your mind looks."
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"I am still trying to make them proud."

โ™ฃ๏ธ The caterpillar

Mature image
  • "Absolem"
  • tattoos everywhere (arms, neck, face...)
  • loves smoking
  • rather unfriendly and arrogant
  • you need to earn his respect first
  • doesn't even try anymore to pretend to be okay
  • thinks he is smarter than most people
  • you earn his respect by being smart
  • tough past
  • lived alone since he was 14
  • started by couch surfing after his parents kicked him out
  • is very gay
  • reads a lot of philosophy books
  • sometimes seems high, but is just lost in his own thoughts
  • looks intimidating
  • rather temperamental
  • writes his own poetry
"Maybe Nietzsche is right in saying that live is suffering and surviving is finding a meaning in the suffering."
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"My past is not important anymore."

โ™ฃ๏ธ Cheshire Cat

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  • "Chester" or "Chesh"
  • good at not being seen
  • knows every street and every short cut
  • is good in spying on others
  • the youngest in the group
  • parents are divorced
  • lives with his overworked mother
  • little money
  • likes to draw on his body and pretend they are tattoos
  • good at climbing
  • nice to his friends
  • an arrogant little boy to everyone else
  • rather unhelpful and mean if he doesn't like you
  • has a crocked smile
  • often seems like he is up to something
  • good at getting into trouble
"You do not know a lot, do you?"
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"I am mad. You are mad. We are all mad here. That's what lead you here. The madness of being different."

โ™ฅ๏ธ Queen of Hearts

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  • always perfect make up
  • actually has some royal family in Switzerland
  • loves to gamble
  • loves playing croquet and cards (mainly Blackjack and Texas Holding)
  • cheats
  • inherited a lot of money after her parents died
  • her parents had multiple casinos in England
  • she now owns them but does not really care about them
  • the business more or less runs itself (others run them. People her parents trusted)
  • doesn't work
  • makes money through gambling
  • diva
  • dropped out of high school
  • doesn't care about other people
  • likes to fire her servants
  • calls her servants by numbers instead of names
  • does not care about money
" I always win."
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"Oh Sweety, did you really believe that you had a chance?"

โ™ฅ๏ธ King of Hearts

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  • a paradox
  • can be reasoned with
  • does have unreasonable demands
  • is very rich
  • stubborn
  • married to the Queen of Hearts
  • mostly lets her decide
  • together they could form a big empire
  • no one really understands their relationship
  • has all the abilities to lead a successful company
  • has a bad attention span
  • probably has ADHD but never got tested
  • never thinks his ideas through
  • ... but on other days thinks a lot
  • impulsive
  • sometimes acts like a small child
  • seems to be more than one person
"Stop being afraid or I'll give you a real reason to be."
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"Tell me what happened. Don't tell me what you think that happened. Thinking in your case never leads to anything smart."

โ™ฆ๏ธ Knave of Hearts

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  • Fuckboy
  • has something with the Queen of Hearts
  • knows that she will betray him one day
  • Runaway
  • works weird jobs
  • runs some errands for the Queen
  • drives a motorcycle
  • lives in a small apartment
  • always ready to run away again
"I never planned to catch feelings and I know that they will kill me in the end."
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"You will not kill me. You will be the reason I will root in hell. I know that and still can't leave."

โ™ฆ๏ธ Five, Seven and Two

playing cards

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  • servants of the Queen of Hearts
  • have to call her "My Queen"
  • are afraid of losing their jobs
  • hectic
  • clumsy and make stupid mistakes
  • are trying their best
  • do not have a lot of money and need this job
  • do seem sophisticated and in control at first
  • are neither
"Please, please my Queen. Don't fire us."
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"Be silent or she will hear you."

This was so much work, especially because I was not sure how I wanted the relations between the characters to be and I never really felt like it is finished. But there is a moment, when you just have to stop editing.

Of course as always I gave you a lot of room for interpretation. I hope you enjoyed this article. โค๏ธ

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