In our actual world, tolerance seems to be lost, broken and buried under tons and tons of rude words and behaviours which unfortunately rule our world.

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Tolerance is for me one of the many behaviours that should rule our world, our life. Tolerance of religions, diet, style, mind… Even if we don’t agree with the person next to us that doesn’t mean that we must denigrate that person, doesn’t mean that we must disrespect his or her beliefs because we don’t understand them.

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I have been criticized so many styles because of my lifestyle. I went vegan a year and a half ago, and I still face criticism. But not from strangers form my family. A part of it accepted it but the other part still criticises me even though of doesn’t harm any of them. This choice makes me feel better and I’m genuinely happy I’ve made it. They made and still make fun of me for that choice, something I don’t and, hopefully, will never understand. It’s my choice. My choice of life. By saying that I’m extreme with that choice is mocking what I believe in and who I am.

“We don’t need holy wars. What we need is tolerance and brotherhood and simple humanity.” Arlen Specter

You have the right to not understand what people are doing with their life or even not to like it, but you must respect their choices. You never ever totally know someone or something. You don’t know what people been through and if this choice they’ve made didn’t save them from a cold and lonely place. Remember that it’s their life, their bodies, respect that. Trust me, it’s much more interesting to ask questions about something we don’t understand for simply understand and not searching for flaws that you could after woods use to diminish them.

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If you think about it, world’s biggest troubles are driven by intolerance. Don’t participate to it anymore.

Have a beautiful day, night and life.
Lots of love, Naomi.