aesthetic, alternative, and artist image Temporarily removed
idontwannabeyouanymore : billie eilish
brent, cyber, and ghetto image
poison : brent faiyaz
frank ocean, art, and black and white image Temporarily removed
novacane : frank ocean
Image removed
yours truly , austin post : post malone
aesthetic, neon, and theweeknd image black, feelings, and Lyrics image
wasted times : the weeknd
girl, beautiful, and pretty image
confidently lost : sabrina claudio
alina baraz image Image removed
electric : alina baraz ft. khalid
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
widow ((also dancing in the dark) : joji
aesthetic, army, and kpop image Image removed
begin : jungkook
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
find what you´re looking for : olivia o´brien


here´s another article , hopefully you all found some new music:)