Occasionally, we wake up to the bitter taste of a bad mood. It seems impossible to escape, certain to create an unproductive, dismal day. Fortunately, there are many methods that can be implemented to remedy a bad mood before it escalates.

I hope that this succinct article provides you with a new perception of your mood and how to more effectively control it. Wishing you the best of luck!

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1 | Acknowledge Thoughts

Do not let negative thoughts permeate your mind subconsciously. Take up a pen and paper and work through each aspect of your mood; don't disregard anything. You may consider formatting this "thoughts organizer" in three distinct columns:

Type of Frustration / Cause / Discomfort Rating

For example:
Type of Frustration – Anxiousness
Cause – Overwhelming assignments
Discomfort Rating – 7/10

Simply by identifying and classifying the roots and severity of your bad mood, you are taking steps toward managing it. Writing it down and essentially admitting these things to yourself makes the situation less daunting!

If you do not know where to start, check this list of possible bad mood causes:

  • Something stressful in the back of your mind is worrying you, perhaps an approaching due date or an uncomfortable conversation with a friend.
  • Your environment is disorganized or stagnant, with clothes strewn across your floor and decorations gathering dust.
  • You are experiencing physical discomfort, whether this is fatigue, hunger, or dehydration.
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2 | Allot Time for Mindfulness

As someone who grapples with anxiety, I understand how easy it is to let life start slipping by at an uncontrollable rate. It is imperative to regularly center yourself in order to be present and maintain your mental health. Here are some simple exercises that my therapist recommended to me:

  • Take a moment to examine your space. Look at the vibrancy of the colors around you, the gentle rustling breeze as it hits the leaves of a pot plant, and the dappled sunlight on the walls. Absorb and relish each detail.
  • Choose a food. Select something whole and natural, perhaps a walnut. Now, eat it mindfully. Be aware of its shape, size, and texture on your tongue. Chew it slowly; enjoy its taste and scent. This may seem like an odd activity, but it does help to decelerate life's pace for a little while.
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3 | Make A Silver Lining

It often feels like there is no silver lining to the day. If this is true, it is necessary to paint on your own! Make the next twenty-four hours as tolerable as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Brew yourself a warm, comforting drink; perhaps a matcha latte or a milky black tea. Pack this in a thermos and take a sip whenever you need a moment to recuperate.
  • Take a book with you to escape into another world if you need to. Sometimes a couple of chapters are all you need to gain the inspiration necessary to remedy your bad mood.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization throughout the day. A calming shower and freshly-laundered clothes are necessities for a bad mood, not to mention a tidy space. Partaking in cleaning activities may also make you feel more cheerful and productive, which is an added bonus!
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4 | Do Something Productive

Light a sweet-scented candle, lay out your supplies, and start an assignment. It is okay, to begin with something simple; work on it steadily until you finish, and cross it off of your to-do list. The satisfaction that comes with the completion of a task is an undeniable mood-lifter.

If you have no motivation to be productive, consider this method to commence your work painlessly:

  • Set a timer for ten minutes. Discipline yourself for this time interval, and see how you feel by its conclusion.
  • When the timer finishes, a flow mindset may have been established. You are feeling motivated and focused, prepared for another block of time. Great work! Keep it up!
  • If you still do not feel motivated, that is perfectly understandable. Take a break and try again. Remember: do not be too harsh with yourself. You are a capable and hardworking individual, and we are all here to support you!
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5 | Conclude the Emotions

Do not let your bad mood filter into tomorrow, or spread to others. Here are some simple steps to assist you with discarding the old thoughts to make space for the new:

  • Consume fresh, whole fruits and vegetables and hydrate yourself. Nothing prolongs a bad mood like a poor diet.
  • Go to sleep as early as possible in order wake up to a blank slate. Try to avoid technology for a healthier night routine.
  • In the morning, allot time over breakfast to scroll through We Heart It, gaining inspiration and positivity from collections like the following.

Even the thorniest of roses have supple petals and flourishing leaves. A few poor moments do not make an entirely "bad day". Persevere through the dips in your mood and motivation, and relish the times of creativity and cheer! I have full faith in you.

Lots of love,
─ Elsa / @studylatin
We Heart It Writers Team

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This article was written by @studylatin on the We Heart It Writers Team.