hey guys so I decided to make a "my school morning routine". I guess its kind of a parody because it's way different than the "normal" ones but I'm 100% honest with you ! now the routine ;

☛ 7:00 - waking up

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the day is just starting and i already want it to end. i stay 10 minutes on Instagram and leave my bed, unfortunately.

☛ 7:10 - searching for clothes

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i spend at least 5 minutes looking through my wardrobe and hesitating to choose my clothes

☛ 7:15 - finally getting prepared

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i get dressed up and put on some bb cream and lipstick (i also sleep for like 10 minutes)

☛ 7:40 - packing my bag (that i had to do yesterday but i was too lazy)

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i also spend 10 minutes on Twitter because why not

☛ 7:55 - leaving my house to take the bus and desperately wanting to go home already

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i find my best friend and we both go to school !