Hi! this time I wanted to do something with photography, so here is an article how to make the perfect picture !! have fun reading.


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Make your photos as much as possible with daylight, making your photos so much more beautiful! The best is in the morning or late afternoon


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invest in a good camera, for example an iphone 7, or a canon! this is also a must for a good photo


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make sure the attention of the photo goes to the object you want to photograph, do not care for a very busy background


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edit your photo after taking it, for example on your phone or on the computer. there are several apps that you can use for this, for instance afterlight and vsco. Nice when you edit all your pictures with the same filter for instagram!


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always take several pictures, then the chances are that there is a good one, and also take different poses


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place the object you want to photograph not always in the middle, but also left, right, top or bottom of the screen


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let the photographer feel the person who is going to the picture feel comfortable with his / her poses. Take a picture from different angles, because that way you get different perspectives
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this is the end of this article, I hope you have something to do !! If you want to see more of my photos on my account, follow me!