So i think i'm not the only one who loves Music<3

old Music

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I often hear old Songs at the Moment, because of the memories and the message


btw i know some of these Songs aren't rlly old but ya they just give me the feeling

>bleeding love ~ Leona lewis
>Take A Bow ~ Rihanna
>No Air ~ Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown
>Warwick Avenue ~ Duffy
>Stay ~ Rihanna
>Family Affair ~ Mary J. Blige
>Come along ~ Titiyo
>Only Girl ~ Rihanna

Just Songs

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Of Course these aren't just Songs but i didn't know what else haha


*Literally not just Songs * I Hear them often but idk

>Good For You ~ Selena Gomez
>Birthday ~ Selena Gomez
>Why try ~ Ariana Grande
>You belong with me ~ Taylor Swift
>Bad Liar ~ Selena Gomez
>Do it like a dude ~ Jessie J
>Kiss and make up ~ Dua Lipa, Blackpink

Chistmas mood

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Am i the only one?! <3


>All i want for Christmas is you ~ Mariah carey
>Mistletoe ~ Justin Bieber
>Santa tell me ~ Ariana Grande
>Last Christmas ~ Ariana Grande
>Santa Baby ~ Ariana Grande

Because of Ari

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I love her and her music too. But some Songs, i just hear bc she wrote them. Not bc of her voice...


I like them too<3

>Side to side ~ Ariana Grande
>Break free ~ Ariana Grande
>Love me harder ~ Ariana Grande
>into you ~ Ariana Grande

Songs of gods

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I like these pictures

Favorites of all favorites

>Me & the Rythm ~ Selena Gomez
>Welcome to New York ~ Taylor Swift
>Steady ~ Bebe Rexha
>Don't blame me ~ Taylor Swift
>End Game ~ Taylor Swift
>Call me maybe ~ Carly Rae Jepsen
>Bad blood ~ Taylor Swift
>Nokia ~ Monet192
>Woman like me ~ Little mix
>Strip ~ Little mix
>Pocketful of sunshine ~ Natasha Bedingfield
>thinking bout you ~ Ariana Grande
Image by lilu
So that's it for today:) Give it a heart if you want:)
See you next time<3