and welcome to my article. Here are 31 things you should try to do and complete this winter (if you have the possibility) that could get you really in the Christmas mood.

 1 ›› Watch at least 3 Christmas movies 

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2 ›› Buy gifts for your family or friends

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3 ›› Bake gingerbreads (or any Christmas cookies)

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4 ›› Play in the snow

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5 ›› Go for a walk at least two times a week

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6 ›› Wear fuzzy socks

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7 ›› Drink hot chocolate

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8 ›› Make time for yourself

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9 ›› ..and for your family

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10 ›› Decorate a Christmas tree

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11 ›› Send Christmas cards for family/friends

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12 ›› Donate clothes/gifts/money/food

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13 ›› Use a new recipe

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14 ›› Light up candles

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15 ›› Decorate your house with Christmas-y stuff

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16 ›› Make sure your friends & family feel loved

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17 ›› Order/buy something you want

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18 ›› Travel outside your city

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19 ›› Wear lots of sweaters and sweatpants

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20 ›› Play lots of Christmas songs

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21 ›› Spend your holidays with people you love

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22 ›› Build a snowman

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23 ›› Go iceskating/skiing

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24 ›› Read one of your childhood favorite Christmas themed books

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25 ›› Build a gingerbread house

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26 ›› Learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in five languages

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27 ›› Buy a matching Christmas clothing set

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28 ›› Watch the snow fall

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29 ›› Make a homemade gift

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30 ›› Buy an advent calendar

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31 ›› Play boardgames with family/friends

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I hope you enjoyed reading this and found some inspiration for your winter! Thank you.

- Ida