inspired but this tag...i left a few things out cause i watched it a while ago and couldn't remember some things

1. How did you find out about this show?

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Honestly i don't remember, probably i was just bored and started scrolling through netfllix and find was like 2 years ago and i watched all the seasons that were out in like two weeks so yeah...i was pretty obsessed

2. who are my favorite characters?

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Klaus is one the best villians of tv drama and i love a good villian. Damon is just can't not love him and it helps that he looks like ian somerhalder.

3. Favorite Couple

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Klaus and Caroline and Bonnie and Enzo

4. Least favorite Couple

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Bonnie and Jeremy...for me they were the most pointless couple ever and for some reason all i could think was get back you pedophile cause they age diference wasn't even a problem but idk... i guess i just kept seeing Jeremy as a kid even after he got...muscular

5. Team Damon or Stefan

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i wasn't Stefan biggest fan back when i watch it, i guess i wouldn't be if i re watched it now, but i could tolerate him a little more...he goot interesting when he went around murdering people but if you have a character like Damon, characters like Matt and Stefan that are only white (not as in race but as in their actions) become kinda boring...i prefer characters with Caroline or Tyler or Klaus.

6. Favorite Family

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The Mikaelsons...they are the originals and honestly, in my opinion, things started going a little down hill when they stopped showing up on TVD, matching them (and Katherine) as villains is hard.

7. Favorite Villain

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Klaus Mikaelson. i was going to say Katherine, and although she is one of the best female villains of tv, the fact that she kept coming back was't you really find another good villain that you keep having to bring her in? she IS good...but i had too much of her.

8. Character that deserved better

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Lexi...forever and always Lexi