Hi guys!
Today i thought it'd be a good idea to post something meaningful for once, haha. I don't have school today, so i had plenty of time to plan this post.

If you're going through something and all you'd want to do is sleep all day and not cope with what ever you're dealing with, i suggest you try at least one of these things today! It probably won't make you automatically all happy and get back on track, but trust me; I have a lot of those days, and adding these things in your daily life can only be good for you.

1. Plan your day

Sometimes getting your day properly started can be super hard. Making a To Do- list for the day is very helpful, and I've been doing this for a long time. You can start off with something super easy, like making yourself coffee, going out for a short walk and maybe washing the dishes or doing the laundry. When those things become a part of your daily routine over time, you can start adding things like going to the gym or whatever needs more willpower from you. Remember: It's okay to fail and fall, as long as you get up and try again! <3

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2. Interact with other people

At least for me, this is probably the most important thing out of these. Meeting my friends, even if it's just running to each other in the grocery store and quickly catching up, is such a mood lifter for me. But what i'd recommend, is texting or calling a friend or even a relative and asking them on a coffee date or something like that. If you're in a bad place and really don't want to leave your house or go out in public, maybe you can ask them to come over and offer to make them some coffee?

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3. Stay organized

Staying in your apartment for a long period of time is not the best thing for you, especially when you haven't cleaned it in a while. A clean environment helps you think better and clearer, so maybe start just by getting rid of the dirty clothes that are laying around your apartment or room? I still live with my parents, so i'm not the one who takes care of the whole house but i need to clean my room pretty, because i mess it up in the matter of a few days. Every time i finish cleaning my room, i feel super proud of myself and i feel like i'm in this new mindset, which is great. Also: don't just gather your clothes in a pile or anything, but fold the clean ones back to where they belong and wash the dirty ones. In my opinion, doing the cleaning properly is the key.

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4. Take care of yourself

Was it either your physical or mental health that needs some improving, try to work for it. If your mental health is not too good, there are a million exercises you can find online that you can try. If you can't hold it together on your own, reach out and look for professional help. There's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to mental health, and from my own experience, once you reach out and get the help you need, it's totally worth it.
If it's your physical condition that you don't like, start with baby steps: maybe go for a walk or something to get your body moving? If you haven't washed your hair in a long time, do it and use some hygiene products that you like, as an example a refreshing face mask! Feeling clean and fresh also helps you think clearer and improves your mood.

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5. Do something you love

What do you like doing? Painting? Writing? Doing makeup? Go do that! You can get inspired by literally anything: The weather, something that you see online, the feelings you are going through today...
For me personally, it's always been makeup. When i really want to get my day started, i wash my face and start doing a fun makeup look. Once i'm finished, i don't want to get back to bed because that'd ruin my makeup that i worked on. Also, just the process of doing it is fun and gives me some time to think about stuff.
Going to the gym has also been something i've really enjoyed recently. I used to hate it, but by including it in my daily routine and doing it without any specific goals, it has become something i actually love.

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6. Let yourself feel and talk about your feelings!

Even though i've been telling you to get out and do stuff rather than staying in bed and doing nothing all day, it's sometimes good to stop for a minute and go through your feelings. People cope with their feelings in very different ways: some of us get paralyzed and completely drop everything that's going on when something negative happens. Some of us do the exact opposite and drown themselves in tasks and work so that they don't have time to think about the negative feelings. None of those things are healthy when taken to the extreme. Try to continue your life as it's been, but still try to process the things that have happened. If you can't do it on your own (and even if you can), it's good to talk to someone about it. It can be basically anyone: your parents, siblings or other relatives, friends, even teachers if you have one who really understands you. If you don't get the support you need from these people, you can always talk to a professional about the things that are affecting your life. I'm repeating myself, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with needing some professional help. It's okay not to be okay!

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That's it! Those are my 6 tips on coping with basically anything, was it either depression or anxiety, a break up, something that has really shocked you or just a bad day in general. I hope some of you find this helpful and try out these tips!
I'm sorry if the text isn't perfect, i spent almost two hours writing this since english isn't my native language. I hope my sentences still make sense in some way, haha!

I hope you have / had an amazing day, and if not, i hope it'll get even the tiniest bit better with this post. You're loved, remember that <3