Happiness to me is having to spend the quality time with family. Do the things I want. Sitting in the garden and feel the wind passing by. Knowing that there are people who love me. When I am confident about my decisions and being independent. Loving myself. Finding a good book to read. Laying under the star with someone I love. Talking late in nights. Trying cuisine from around the world. Cooking food. When I have a great idea to write about.

Happiness is simply accepting and loving everything around me. So now the question is "WHAT HAPPINESS MEANS TO YOU?". Write a few words and send it to me. I am currently working on an article. If your words inspire me, I might mention you in my article and let others get inspired as well.


Feel free to heart, follow and/or send me a message if you want to ask or say something. That’s all for today, have a good day/night!