Learn to love yourself for just the way you are. Learn to let go all the thoughts and feeling self-hate about yourself. Learn to forgive yourself for all the mistake you have once made. Turn all the negatively into positively, it may take but keep trying and one day you will succeed.

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Accept your body. Pamper it. Cherish it. You're young and beautiful. You're bold and strong. You're worthy of all the happiness. Stop judging, comparing yourself with others. Walk on your path slowly enjoying every view. Be proud of who you are and what you're going to become.

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Many among us are lost in this great world. Find yourself. Listen and speak for yourself. Learn to trust yourself.

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In the old Chinese period, people fix the broken pots with gold to make it look unique. It's okay if some of your pieces were broken in the past. You will always see creating interesting patterns in the kaleidoscope with broken pieces.

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You still have so much to live on. Long drives, stary night, holding hands, and most importantly love. Someone who is looking for you and will definitely find you someday. Have you ever wondered when you have two eyes, ears, lips, hands but just one heart because the other one belongs to someone else?

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Self-love is important. Find the strength to carry on. There will be a time when you are alone, crying, shaking. Make yourself stronger.

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Find yourself and pull out of the darkness, loneliness. Don't wait so for someone to come for you and pick you up. You have all you've got. It's time to see the bright sun and hear the sound of nature. It's time to become who you want to be.

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Today will be hard. Tomorrow will be a little easier and years from this will beautifully.

Create your own history. You're the author of your own story.


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