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Have you spent a nice week? Mine has been as regular as it could be. Nothing new on the horizon, except for a couple of trivial activities. I have started to read a new book, to wear a thicker layer of clothes, to study harder for my semester finals.

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Today’s article is about my favourite YouTubers. I am not an avid watcher as some of my friends are, but I too enjoy to spend some time on one of the most popular video platforms.

I have seen many of you compiling a similar list, and I thought that it would have been a good idea to jump on the bandwagon. As I have done with other articles including lists, I have decided to divide them by content. I have chosen a Video Essay channel, a BookTuber, a beauty and a lifestyle blogger. I hope you’ll find someone new to follow and enjoy!

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Video essays: ScreenPrism

Link to the channel:

I really look forward to watch a new ScreenPrism video every time it comes out. Debra and Susannah are the girls who run this channel, and bring out a compelling and insightful analyses of many popular shows. From Game of Thrones to Rick and Morty, from The Handmaid Tale to Japanese animation, they study and find meaning where you wouldn’t have even thought to look for it.

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Booktuber: Read With Cindy

Link to the channel:

This is the most fun and real Booktube channel I have found. Cindy is a sarcastic and brilliant girl who knows how to entertain her audience, and gives us all something to think about. She reads a lot of books, not only the latest and most popular ones, and sometimes spills the tea about the darkest corners of the Booktube community. She is also supportive and active in female empowerment activities!

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Beauty blogger: Lucia Tepper Beauty

Link to the channel:

There is a lot surrounding Lucia, but I know I support her. Many say that she always complains without saying anything instructive or positive, but I think that her content varies much more than her haters claim.

She has started a series of videos called Makeup Your Mind, where she explains problematic sides of the beauty industry and of the makeup community that really need to be addressed. Lucia is not afraid to say that a product isn’t as good as others advertise it to be, and often criticises the fear of missing out that beauty influences put on their viewers in order to sell more and profit.

Lucia's collection is more minimalist than other beauty gurus', and though it she has showed to me that it is not necessary to have a crazy, massive and expensive amount of makeup in order to be a proper beauty lover. Thanks to her I have started to experiment more with what I already have, and to reach the true bottom of my products before throwing them away and pass to the next one. That’s better for me, for my wallet and most for the environment.

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger: The Milk Club

Link to the channel:

The founder and main actress in The Milk Club is Sofie, a vegan girl living in Australia. Her fashion style is unique and almost iconic, and she does not certainly lose her time following trends. Her channel features a variety of content. Lookbooks are probably her most famous videos, but my personal favourite are the* vlogs and lifestyle montages* she uploads once in a while. Her clean, light, vintage and inimitable aesthetic is really stunning to me.

She is the girl who introduced me (and my bank account) to Shoptagr! What is that, you ask? Check out my latest article about saving money while shopping online, and you’ll be glad!

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And where do I click when I need to chill and to listen to some nice tunes? Read my article to know!

You probably have noticed that all of my favourite Youtubers are girls. If you want me to write about my favourite female singers, or other ladies that inspire me, leave a heart or a reaction on this article!

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