Hello angels. Hope you're feeling well - happy, at the highest of highs or just okay. When it comes to well-being there are some things out of our control and some things we CAN change. We CAN improve our sleeping habits and this article is a guide on how to sleep better by eating better.

How to improve your sleep with better eating habits:

♡ Foods that can help improve your sleep:

Image by Norea
tea, walnuts, banana, oats with cherries
- Tea: tea of chamomile is known as a sleep cure from Mother Nature.
- Walnuts: contains tryptophan which helps the body produce melatonin. Several studies has shown that increasing tryptophan in your diet can improve sleep by increasing melatonin. Also, nuts and seeds in general are full of healthy (!) fats and magnesium which are great to eat in the evening. Another tip is to have some pumpkin seeds because they're super-mega-rich in magnesium!
- Banana: although fruits are high in carbs, bananas are different because they are a source of magnesium and potassium which helps relax your muscles. If you find yourself waking up several times during night it could be because your muscles aren't relaxed or because you're simply hungry! So, have a banana and go back to sleep, babe!
- Oats with cherries: a big old bowl of oats will make your stomach full, warm and satisfied. Going to bed on an empty stomach is never a good idea, trust me on this one. Cherries may sound like an odd topping and you might assume they're just little sugar bombs... But cherries actually contains melatonin! Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces naturally and it is probably the most important mechanism to make us sleepy. It is common to get melatonin as a supplement/medication but you can find melatonin in foods (such as cherries). I happen to know that walnuts and bananas tastes delicious as topping too... ;)

♡ Eat on regular times.

So, so important!

♡ Eat enough during the day!

One very common mistake is going the whole day without eating and having just one big meal in the evening. If you don't eat enough during the day your body WILL scream for food. Your body is clever and it will find a way to compensate. It's very natural to get cravings for foods that are high in energy/calories simply because your body needs the calories. It could end in a circle of starving day-time, eating large amounts of candy/calorie-high foods night-time and that is a terrible pattern since you won't be able to sleep at night, then not being able to concentrate during the next day.

These are just some tips on how you could help yourself sleep better by just eating better. Remember that it's all about what works for you and balance is key.

Hugs and love, Norea.