don't you ever wonder
why do we have to live in a world like this

in a world where twelve year olds worry about their weight because of a commercial they saw on tv,

in a world where people wonder if they can continue their lives tomorrow or will they or their family be torn apart by bullets,

in a world where other people take hour long showers while others are dying of thirst,

in a world where one skin color thiks it's in a higher position than others,

in a world where companies owned by millionaires are throwing away completely fine food and clothes while the half of the population of the world are living in absolute poverty and struggling to get a meal every other day,

in a world where an eleven year old has their innocence taken away when people on the street make comments about their body,

in a world where someone can physically, sexually or mentally hurt another person so badly that they will have deep, deep traumas for the rest of their lives, and still call it love,

in a world where other people feel the need to kill others because of who they love,

in a world where a person is not believed when they say they don't feel good in the body they were born in,

in a world where students with mental health issues are barely managing to get out of their beds and still forced to do two ten-page-long essays and six hours worth of homework by tomorrow,

in a world where people kill each other in the name of their own beliefs and religions because they are not the same what the other group of people believes in,

in a world where others are paid less for the same job as others because of their gender and what they identify as,

in a world where scientists are warning us about climate change and global warming and natural disasters but still people are thinking whether they should believe them and their researches or not,

in a world where mothers have to put their children in boats to sail across the world and hope they won't die, because it's still safer than to be home with her.

don't you ever wonder that?
because I do,
and it hurts me,
it hurts me every day,
even though I have every privilege and right to live as I want to.

but as long as there are people that don't have that privilege,
I will continue to fight.