So I thought it was nice to dye my hair. I have blonde hair and I wanted to have ashblonde hair (if that's the right name?). Only the paint has turned in orange instead of ashblonde! But it's only the top of my hair, so when I saw the result, I panicked.

You probably think like 'why don't you go to the hairdresser?' Well, I can't afford a hairdresser at the moment. I have like a budget for 30 bucks. So I went straight to the internet to see what I could do to fix my hair.

They told me to put olive oil in my hair for 30 minutes, so I did that, but it didn't work. I was still orange and the panic started to strike again.

After hours of searching, I started watching youtube videos. Everyone said that I should use silver shampoo or Wella T18 with developer 20. I didn't had the Wella and the Developer at home, but I did had the silver shampoo.

I used the silver shampoo twice for my hair for an hour in total before washing it. The result was less orange, but still orange. I have like an orange glow in my hair. So I think I want to buy the Wella T18 with the developer 20, but I don't know if it works? Do you guys have any idea what I can do? Except the hairdresser ofcourse.

If you have any idea or know what to do please send me a message! I really need your help guys.

beauty, blonde, and color image Image by Karen Mora Cornejo