If somebody mention, 'artist' - what are the things that first appear in your head?

Well, for me.. it was a word that could refer to several professions, like painter, poet, dancer, musician, author. We might say a creator of an artwork. Those artworks can be paint, poetry, song, novel. It was like an old conception of art i know. A moment when high art were something that being worshiped by people - period before 1960s. Before pop art and other mass entertainment emerge and getting massive.

Based on that thought, i decided to write down this article. I felt that it was starting since 1960s - the coming of television, radio and pop culture. When every kind of stuff can be consumed by massive group of people. The boundary of high art and low art (or popular art) became blur. There were a periods around 1990s through 2000s, when 'filmmaker' became an exotic profession for some people. Other like, 'music video director' or maybe 'videographer' - together with the hits of MTV. Where there's several dynamic and rapid style that emerge and makes music video becoming such special with their own characteristic.

Small talk about art gallery. If we throw back to 1950s there were a periods when photographer can't put their photograph in gallery. The gallery just belongs to an artist. It changes through times. If long time ago it was dominate by a painter, now there are photographer, mix media artist, video artist, installation artist - who puts their works in gallery. Even art gallery transform into digital platform - they have their own website and social media.

Now on - in the ages of digital and visual culture. There are many new a profession that emerge. Offcourse - it makes the conception of an 'artist' getting more blurred. Even it can be disappear. 'Being an artist' it isn't prestigious like several decades ago. Especially millennial generation. Those previous profession that identic with an artist - are changing day by day - it getting irrelevant nowadays. 'Blogger' become more relevant than 'author.' 'Vlogger' or 'Youtuber' become more relevant and cooler than 'Filmmaker' or perhaps 'Documentarist.' 'Visual Artist' or 'Video Artist' become more relevant than 'Painter.' There are other things like 'Influencer' - for them who have such huge follower.

So yeah.. everything has changes.