hey guys so I'm back so a lot of you seemed to enjoy my article about the poem 3 AM that i wrote ageeeees ago so heres another poem which i think describes me which is a bit sad but oh well, can't make everything about me

so this poem doesn't have a name but here it is;

Tonight I am sad

tonight I am lonely

the demons are screaming

and I need you to hold me

~ a.d.r

so basically I live in Australia so it is 11:06 when I am typing this so I'm pretty lonely. I am alone in my bed, yet again looking at the moon but this time with my earphones in. I am not really sure why but music feels less lonely, maybe its because I can feel someone talking to ME. yes, i know i have friends at school but I am not as close with them as they are with each other. I can even see them message each other on another group chat right in front of my eyes.

sorry, but if you want to read the analysis below please skip this paragraph it is basically a short story about my "friends". So basically I was on the train home with them and the train ride is around 1 hour. So I was having a pretty good time (one of my good days) and then I see it. My friend passes her phone to my other friend. When I see her pass it. Curiosity takes over. I ask her what was it/if i could see it. So she hesitantly shows me the phone and its a meme about "best friends". That's the day my heart sunk.

I see all these different posts on instagram and tumblr about best friends but to be honest I cannot relate which is a bit sad. I have tried to open up to them but I don't feel like they are listening to me. ANYWAY... i know we all have a brain and it talks to us but this is different. the person in my head SCREAMS at me and I just can't escape it. but then there we go, i don't really have anyone i can talk to.

thanks for reading ya'll
just letting you know if you are going through something similar/worse or feel alone at any stage please go to my message box and I will message back!
thanks again
~ goth girl