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~Hi, beautiful people of WHI!
~Today’s article is the first part of articles, where I’m going to give you tips and personal experiences about the important decisions everyone should really think through and then make.
~ I’m 18 years old and a freshman in an university. The reason for making these types of articles is because I believe many of you struggle to decide which high school is best to go to, which university and how to get in it. I struggled too, because I don’t have a talent like singing or drawing, neither was I so good at some type of sport, I have a passion for writing, but that wasn’t enough, because as you grow older you will realize how much you have to think one, two or even three steps forward and also about the future, even if it seems too far.
~Without further ado let’s start the article!

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Why is so important to go to the RIGHT high school for you?
➯ ✍ High school is sometimes so stressful, hard, boring, annoying and all because you have to study some nonsense, that you either don’t like or will never use in the real life. – Why is have to be like that?
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➯ ✍ Now imagine if you studied more the things that are actually interesting to you and you would open the textbook with a happy face, not a bored one. At least that would make the high school a little bit more bearable. – Then why didn’t you choose that high school, that would help you with that? Why didn’t you think it through before?
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➯ ✍ Probably, because you didn’t know how or why would it be this important.
➯ ✍ Choosing the right high school is essential not only because you will get easily bored learning about something unlikable for you, but also because this will be your first step in the path of achieving your life-goals.
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How can I know, what high school is the best for me?
➯ ✍ Just answer these questions and follow the instructions:

✔ What are the options of high schools in your town/city? (Write them down)

✔ What are the subjects they specialize in? (Also write them down)

✔ What are the subjects you are interested in the most? (Write them on separate paper and rate them from 1 to 10 for an example)

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✔ Which schools specialize in your favorite subjects? (Put a mark or color them)

✔ What are your visions/plans/dreams/goals for the future, if you already have any? (Make another list of them)

✔ If you still don't exactly know what your dream job is, that's completely okay. But a simple idea of what you'd love to do as an adult is needed. That's why if you can't choose yet, just make a list of the subjects, that you'd like to specialize in in the future.

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(don't limit yourself with just only one idea, dream, goal or option for the future. that's the time to be greedy, there's nothing wrong with having more goals or dreams for yourself!)

✔ How much exactly do you want this goal,idea? (Rate them too)

✔ Which subjects you are going to need in order to achieve every
dream? (Write them next to the goals, dreams)

✔ Which of the necessary subjects are from your favourite ones? (Again, put a mark on them or color them)

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✔ Which of the high schools specialize in the necessary subjects? (Mark them in a different way)

➯ ✍ Now look at your lists. Do you have a high school, that spezialize both in a favourite and in a necessary subjects or in a favourite and necessary subject (that would be the best of course).
➯ ✍ And if these are subjects, that you rated the highest, then I think you find your high school!
Let me explain it again to be sure, that everything is clear. You have 3 options:
You probably have schools, that spezialise only in favourite subjects and schools, that specialize only in necesery subjects.
You also probably have highschool, that spezialises in favourite subjects and necessery subjects.
Your 3rd option is a high school with a favourite and necessery subject/subjects at the same time.
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➯ ✍ I know that's obvious, but your 3rd option is the best and the one you go for!
➯ ✍ But that's only if you rated that/these subject/subjects high and you actually want to specialize in them so much!
➯ ✍ If you don't have the 3rd option and/or is not rated high from you, you don't want it so much, then you will have to choose from the other options.
➯ ✍ Here goes the hard part! The never-ending battle between the heart and the mind! Do you have to choose to spezialize in a favourite subject or in a necessery one?
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A tip from personal experience:

Before high school I had the same problem. I personally prefered to go in the high school, that specializes in history, literature and these types of subjects. And some of my friends chose it too. But my mom conviced me of choosing the high school specializing in languages, because knowing different languages will always benefit me in the future. So I desided the last. But that happened only because I already liked learning languages.If it was a high schoool for Math, I would never go in it. (I hate maths XD)

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In 6th grade I wanted to be a vet. So, back then I thought I would go to the high school in our town, that specializes in biology and chemistry. I'm glad I didn't do that.Later I realized, how i am uncapable of learning biology. XD

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The point is I'm so happy I schose this high school, because I met amazing people there, the teachers were cool and that helped me going in the dream university.

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So from my experience, one have to think really through, what are his/her wishes and needs, not to go with the flow, choosing the easier way or smth, that one likes, but will not benefit him/her in the future.!

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A tip from friend's experience:

One of my best friends was in the same high school like me, with the same main subject - German. Yet she never liked it. She likes English. but not German, so she mostly had bad grades ecxept in English and Literature, because from the beginning she never had the motivation to study for most of the things. She has a passion and a talent for drawing and painting. Bassiacaly she is an artist from the day she was born.

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She wanted to go in the art school, but her mother forced her in the language high school. She never stopped wanting it. All that caused her often fights with her mother. Right now she is studying in an art academy. She followed her dreams and passions now at least and is happy.

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She doesn't regret so much the atending of our school, but in order to be accepted in the academy she had to go to private art lessons plus preparing for the other last year - exams. It was really insure, if she would manage to be accepted this year and all because she didn't have these years of exprerience, that the art students get in the art school.

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The moral of this story: Anywhere you go, you will gain something - friends, memories, experiences, but don't let your parents or anybody tell you, what is best for you. If your guts are sending your messages to do something, then just Do it! That's the right thing! Especially if you have big passions or talents, follow them, always!

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A tip from my classmates:

(That's the last, I promise! XD)

I had 5 or 6 classmates, who liked German. They had good grades and alone had chosen our school, but time passes, people change....and they decided, that their dream job is to be a doctor, so they had to apply for a Medicine College/University. That required from them to go to private biology and chemistry lessons for the last 2-3 years of high school and to study really really hard.

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They all did it. They are studying medicine now, I am proud of them, because it wasn't easy for them. What I want to say here is - even if you change your mind along the way of growing up, there is always a way to succeed! But again, that's the very reason to think everything through beforehand.

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the end

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~ That's it, guys! Thank you so much for reading my article, I appreciate it! I hope you liked it and it was helpfull for you!
~ Soon I'll write the second part of the series, about choosing the right university. If my own university won't deside to take over my life XD.
~ Feel free to send me messages or postcards or a feedback for the things I write.I'd love to make friends here and to know what you think!
~ Till the next article. Love ya, bye!

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