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Name: David Pearson

Birthday: 19 may 1997


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black, curly, and face image Temporarily removed eyes, blue eyes, and boy image veins, pale, and hand image
Brown curly hair,dark eyes, pale skin and freakles.


fashion, jacket, and jeans image fashion, jaws, and Jurassic Park image blue, aesthetic, and pretty image boy and handsome image
he always wears nerd t-shirt with a denim jacket on it. he also always wears vans that he has in at least 5 differt colors. he really doesn't care about his hair.


he lives in chigago since he was 5 , he moved there when his parent divorced. he now live with his mother and his little sister margaret, instead he doesn't even talk with his father. He is that type of person who talk to every one but he doesn't have so many friends, but he founded a club in school called "bunch of nerds" and he is very proud of it, he also suggested to make some t-shirts.


quotes, shyness, and shy image hilarious, funny, and gif image red, netflix, and aesthetic image comic books image
he is very shy even if when you start to know him he became very funny. he is always a little bit childish but always funny and caring. he can't litterally live without his comic books and he watchs too much netflix instead of study.


Image removed fashion, black, and style image alternative, fashion, and grunge image quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image
Scarlett : ginger hair, always wears a leather jacket and doctor martens, can read minds infact she is also called "The mindder" from david.
hair, aesthetic, and short hair image dress, fashion, and pink image pink and redhead image sunglasses, aesthetic, and 90s image
Vanessa: short black hair,obsessed with pink and fashion.she really likes vintage things and she is super kind and caring.
jon cartwright image Temporarily removed tv, alternativo, and Caricaturas image Image by aline
Eric: he has dirty blond hair and wears glasses. he is very good with computer and stuff like that. he a part of the "bunch of nerds" club he know david since they were both 6.

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