Esme Delarosa

Born in the 1500's as an Aries

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Born centuries ago and burned alive during the witch trials. Her parents died putting a spell on her that when she died would return to live forever. Before her parents passing she watched them in admiration wishing one day she could have a love like theirs.


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She is a very classy yet seductive woman. Her sense or humor can come off sarcastic and blunt but she means well. She enjoys most the attention she receives when attending parties. She spends her alone time reflecting on past choices and dreaming up her perfect man.

Love interest

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During the year 1973 she met her only real lover, Alexander Strong, in a casino gambling. Her constant wins due to spells and seduction drew him to her in curiosity. Then in a way to make millions he became her partner and after fell in love with her. Unsure if he is with her for money, magic or her looks she refused to help him live forever. He passed in the year 1998 in a car crash.

Best friends

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She met James in 1983 through mutual friends. Together they went through his transition as a vampire, pulled off a bank heist and fought during the war. In 2006 Esme met Samantha during a witch gathering. Through introduction Samantha was saved from her drug addiction thanks to the two. Esme was the bridesmaid during their wedding in 2017. She and Samantha also created a scared ritual to bond the three for eternity.


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There was a time when she dressed more conservative but now that she's living in the 2000's she enjoys using her clothing to demonstrate her power and good looks. Perhaps it is a wall to protect her from her true insecurities within. Esme usually wears leather, velvet and satin. Her favorite colors are black and red.


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Originally Esme drew forth every man with love spells until she hit the realization that they were not in love with her but worshiping her due to a spell. She then stopped and began using spells to search for her love. Esme then made the discovery that he was the deceased Alexander Strong. Now she uses every last bit of her power to bring him back to life.