When was the last time you held someone´s hand?
the last time you kissed someone.
i wonder if love is that strong enough capable of making us sad people
if love is that strong you cant even sleep
or cant forget that person
the touch of their hands
the things you did together
i wonder if love is that strong enough to make us weak

When was the lat time you felt good when talking to someone
someone who's more than a friend
someone you feel you can be yourself with
someone who makes you feel secure

its been a very long time for me to feel any of those
lately all that i feel is lonely

sick and tired of just sitting here by myself
without being able to hug someone as tight as my jeans are

about that night
when he made me feel like that
i feel so insecure
having memories of something that was probably nothing
laughing at myself for thinking for once
that someone else had an interest on me

what a fool i am
missing you and your perfume
your laugh
your coat
you walking by my side
you making sure i was ok
you talking to me

me not alone
me being able to say the thing i didnt
me pulling you closer to me
me kissing you
me holding you hand
me going with you on a trip

holding hands