Hey guys! This article will include things I think would be fun to do with your friends; you can refer to this anytime you need ideas on what to do!

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list of things to do :

❑ stream movies to watch from the comfort of your homes (i usually use https://www.rabb.it/ with 4 other friends, all you have to do is create a free account and your clique can stream movies together in a room!!)
❑ go to quirky cafes such as a game cafe and such to catch up with your clique
❑ explore your local area; visit local attractions and spots - universal studios, botanic garden, museums, go for a short hike at reservoirs
❑ visit an escape room
❑ go for a one-day trip out of the town/country
❑ have a karaoke night
❑ volunteer for an organization together (do good and have fun together!)
❑ go for events as a clique, such as halloween horror night, colour run
❑ go to someone's house and cook together - you can make lunch, dinner or just snacks
❑ use https://www.drawnames.com/ to randomise and draw names for Christmas - you can add on to your wish list and your secret santa can see and ask you questions anonymously
❑ have an ice skating session
❑ picnic date

poses to recreate :

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(will be updated when i find more pictures!!)
here i found some more collection/article on group poses that might be helpful to you at your convenience

healthy friends

since we are on the topic of friends, i would like to give you some serious advice - i've been through toxic friends and as a friend with benefits whereby people come close to me just to use my staff discounts at retail stores. i believe in keeping only healthy friends around me, and let go toxic ones.

i used to have a best friend, but she was very toxic to me and made me feel like i was just someone there to entertain her. i tried to make it work for 6 years, but it just wouldn't work. eventually, we had a fallout and i didn't talk to her for a long time. when she initiated a meet-up after we started talking again, i decided to give a try and meet-up with her. however, when i met her on the day, i could just feel that she never changed - our friendship still revolved around her. i made the decision to cut her off my life, and up to now i believe i made the right choice.

yes, i know it's not hard to drop friends (hey, i dropped a best friend!) but you know deep down that you'll have to do it someday because this friendship is toxic. thankfully for me, i found a group of new friends who dragged me out of this cage i've built myself in. i'm still reeling from the situation of dropping my friend, but i'm so much happier now with people who 100% support me in everything.

so yes - it's ok to let people go, even if you love them because it might be the best choice for the both of you.

showing appreciation

and with that said, you should also show appreciation for those whom you love dearly because you never know what may happen tomorrow. small reminders like "hey, thanks for everything" might not mean much to you, but who knows - it might mean the world to them. write them cards, buy them gifts (inexpensive or not, the gesture is the one that matters), bring them out.

how to be a good friend

✰ check up on each other frequently
✰ never put boys over each other
✰ be happy for them when something good happens, and don't be jealous or rude
✰ ask them what's wrong when they're sad
✰ show them off
✰ protect each other ; let them know you got their back
✰ do nice gestures for them such as buying them a gift just because
✰ treat each other like family