I think I've done a couple of these before, and after this mornings rant I need something more creative to focus on! And frankly. TBH, black is my happy color! It's sultry, sexy, confidence boosting, my black clothes are always warmer and better fitting than my other clothes and shoes, and it goes with everything! Here is my loving dedication to black!

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gold, black, and feathers image alternative, black, and designer image Image removed Image by Vásquez.
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love, couple, and kiss image Image removed beauty, black and white, and bralette image aesthetic, luxury, and black image
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Mature image makeup, make up, and eyes image girl, aesthetic, and grunge image red, makeup, and girl image
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art, girl, and fukari image black, digital art, and drawing image witch, art, and drawing image drawing, art, and witch image
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ice cream, food, and oreo image beautiful, beauty, and black image black, food, and berries image black, cake, and flowers image