its been a bit, I say this every time but im glad to be back. I love writing and I've missed all of you. as always, feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or requests!

my personal experience with social medias impact on my mental health hasn't been very good. social media was introduced to my life at a very young age. I've had the same instagram since the 4th grade and that was when it first came out. I know many young people may agree that social media definitely has its positives! I have met some great friends online and I have become more involved with many close friends, favorite artists, and family! but personally, even with all of those positive things I definitely had an overall negative impact on my current mental state.

while social media can be used to post positive, encouraging messages, it can also be used as a way to talk shit or degrade people. my recent experiences with that have most definitely made simple easy to fix arguments into a battle. I have lost many many friends due to the over dramatic effect social media added to it.

I think many people, especially teenagers , have seen this effect on them. whether its the fear of missing out, cyberbullying, or even just simple negative posts that leave a negative thought in your mind.

while I think social media has a negative impact on my mental health, that overpowering sense of missing out on something always leads me back to it.

anyways I know this is a random article but I have just been thinking about this a lot lately.

much love,