Meet Lyla Rivers, the character in my book. She goes to a university in the Oregon Valley, born and raised in the area.


auburn, cute, and hair image hair, auburn, and girl image
Long Auburn Hair
freckles, girl, and smile image
girl, eyes, and green image
Vibrant Green Eyes
aesthetic, pink, and fierce image fashion, style, and outfit image
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Really Petite


tattoo, honey, and jeans image Temporarily removed fashion, green, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
beauty, aesthetic, and art image
Band Tees


Image by inspiration
Avid Reader


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Can't survive without coffee
necklace, gold, and aesthetic image
Describes her love life
Temporarily removed
Stoner - But no one knows
witch, witchcraft, and magic image crystal, witch, and magic image
Witch - Also a secret
grunge, hair, and pale image
quotes, yellow, and bravery image
Too kind + caring for her own good


Temporarily removed
aesthetic, red, and crimson image red, sexy, and bra image
  • Will update as I write, I still need to figure certain aspects out