Ever since I can remember I've been in love with hollywood actresses, mostly middle aged actresses, and they have inspired me so much through the years I thought I needed to white about some of the incredible women i admire. So here it goes:

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston image beautiful, beauty, and celebrity image Jennifer Aniston and friends image girl, Jennifer Aniston, and pretty image
america's sweetheart, rachel green, fashion icon, amazing hair, queen of comedy, has the most beautiful soul, brightest smile, i mean, she's simply an angel and deserves the world.

cate blanchett

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invented acting, queen of the lgbtq+ community, carol (2015), makes everybody think they're gay, has 2 oscars, eloquoent and articulated, activist, absolutely one of a kind.

vera farmiga

vera farmiga image vera farmiga, blue eyes, and fashion image actress, vera farmiga, and the conjuring image Temporarily removed
one of a kind, the most beautiful woman i've ever seen, such an inspiring person, momma bates, scream queen, lorraine warren, extremely underrated, someone give her an oscar already!

sarah paulson

sarah paulson image celebrities, sarah paulson, and actors & actress image ahs and sarah paulson image sarah paulson image
legend, funniest person alive, american horror story icon, she's the f*cking supreme, gay as f*ck, big dick energy, ellen degeneres loves to scare her and we love to see her being scared.

sandra bullock

actress, beauty, and black and white image girl, sandra bullock, and wow image sandra bullock image sandra bullock image
america's sweethart, comedy and drama queen, she loves vaginas, has the cutest family, kissed meryl steep, is george clooney's sister, feminist icon, got lost in space, has an oscar.

emily blunt

Emily Blunt, fashion, and style image Image removed Emily Blunt, actress, and pretty image Image removed
the cutest human being, british as f*ck, our new mary poppins, she and john krasinski are the definition of soulmates, tells the best stories, damn she can sing.

kristen wiig

Temporarily removed kristen wiig image kristen wiig image kristen wiig image
invented comedy, target lady, saturday night live queen, bridesmaids, cameleon, absolutely hilarious, lucy from despicable me, performed chandelier (sia) with maddie ziegler and nailed it!

lauren graham

Image removed Lauren Graham image Image removed black and white and Lauren Graham image
iconic lorelai gilmore, we all wished she was our mother, coffee lover, incredibly talented book author, whote 3 incredible books, talks really fast, she and peter krause are the cutest.

nicole kidman

beautiful, ginger, and Nicole Kidman image Temporarily removed Nicole Kidman image Image by 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐚
elephant love medley, sandra bullock's sister, has the most iconic and hilarious interview on jimmy fallon ever, cameleon, i miss her red hair.

reese whitherspoon

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book reader, iconic elle woods, southern, jennifer aniston's little sister, colorful, big little lies squad, has the cutest family, grl power.