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Todayyy I am not feeling well. I am like the unluckiest girl ever with guys and romance in general. I get played with over and over again. And this week, that happened again with someone I trusted, was connected and got attached to. That hurts so so much and it's the reason why I am writing to you right now. Whenever I feel sad or in a bad mood, I write. So here I am. Here are my main tips to get over someone. It won't make the pain disappear but maybe it can help a little. I really hope it will.

Let's get into this article!

- Don't put the blame on yourself

That's what I do most. My therapist made me realize each time something bad happens, I blame it on myself. I'm trying to fight this really hard right now. But you gotta know that it is not your fault. Everything happens for a reason. You do not have to hold back from it and feel bad about it all the time, it's time to give yourself a break.

- Think clearly

Often, when we lose someone that's dear to us, we tend to react in a pretty intense way, and that's totally normal! But before doing something you might regret, wait until you cool down from the shock to do something about it. For example, I have many anxiety attacks and when I have them, I know it isn't the time for doing something but it's time to heal.

- Treat yoself

Seems weird but for me, it's very true! Dye your hair or cut it! Get a small animal to spend time with you! Buy yourself your favorite snack! Anything is possible here, do stuff you like, stuff you usually hold back from doing. Do something bold, fun and adventurous.

- Something better's coming

It's sooo true. Have you ever got heartbroken and thought you would never find someone you loved just as much? Cause I sure did. And then you realize that it wasn't true at all. There's someone else coming your way, someone better who will treat you right and make you the happiest person alive. Stay positive always.

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Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan