On my profile I would like to be more open about the things that I struggle with and the things that bother me in order for people to know more about me.Okay so my acne experience started when I was about 12 or 13 and it is something that I am still going through today and even now it still affects me in my everyday life. I don't really understand how I went so long going through my acne stages and even though its only been about 3 years of me having it I still feel like it has been so long. Throughout the years I have used different products to try to find what works best for my skin and what I could do to help my acne. Struggling with acne has been so hard for me because of my lack of confidence. I found myself not wanting to go out in public or wanting to be seen even in school because it was so hard for me to look people in the face because I always felt that they would be looking at my skin. A lot of people who don't have acne do n have not seen much difference in my skin. but having of realize that it isn't just a few pimples here and there and that it is not as simple as drinking tons and tons of water (even though that is a huge thing for acne) because and even now I drink tons of water and acne is deeper and I feel that I want to find what works best for my skin so that I no longer have to feel this empty void in me and I can gain the confidence that I've always dreamed of having. So this is a list of things that I want to improve on in order to gain the skin that I desire to have.

One thing that I think that a major reason that I also am suffering from acne would be that I touch my face a lot and I know that I'm of course not supposed to but for me it's a habit but I want to be able to control my urges to pick at or touch my face.

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I want to try a skin care routine or things that would help my skin one thing that I've seen that I think would help my skin are toners i have seen reviews from people that have said that it has made their skin remarkable and has benefited their skin in the best ways possible so i wanted to try it to skin how my skin would react to it.

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I have also read places that peoples phones are another reason they may have contracted acne and since i have seen that I thought it would best to try to regularly clean my phone to decrease my chances of anymore acne.

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I wanted to start some kind of skin care routine I've seen that by having one that actually works I can have my skin adjusted to something but in order to do this I would have to find products that work best for me and my skin.

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Something else i think would work would be going to a dermatologist and seeing what would be best for my skin and seeing if they could prescribe with something in particular for me.

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