Am I the only one who loves routines? This is a productive night routine as a university student.

Get Home

I get home around 6.00 pm and I change to some comfortable clothes.

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Eat Some Food

After a long day of school classes what I really need is a good snack.

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At this time, all I wanna do is have a "me time" and do something I really enjoy.

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Don't procrastinate. Take just some 30/45 minutes to relax.

I write down everything I need to do. This way I have a start point.

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Study Session

I figure that it is time to start studying. So I grab all I need and I start my study session.

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Bath Time

Time to take all the dirt off my body and do a skincare routine.

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Eat Dinner

This is the best part of the night routine. Just grab something healthy and eat it.

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Chill & Sleep

At this time I go to bed, I watch some videos and then I go to sleep.

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This is it, I hope this article inspires u. Xoxo 💖