yeah hahaha I've been writing short stories since I was little, this is a new way for me to map out my characters.


Abusive image blue eyes and eye image
Blue Eyed
smile, boy, and dimples image
Image by ASTROPSYCHO Image removed
boy, 90s, and Hot image
Tussled Dark Blonde Hair
boy, dark, and aesthetic image


Image removed
Image by ☁ boy, black, and fashion image icon image tattoo, grunge, and boy image
boy image


book, boy, and photography image
He's a total book nerd
friends, chandler bing, and Matthew Perry image
Binges Netflix
josh hutcherson, boy, and smoking image
aesthetic, art, and drawing image
Rlly good artist but he tries to hide it


tattoo, boy, and romantic image
Hopeless Romantic
icon, aesthetic, and boy image
Always Hungry
book, glasses, and read image
Philosophy Major


Transferred colleges after his first year at university. He just moved into the Oregon Valley from Northern Washington.

Temporarily removed
cat, rainbow, and cute image
Has a cat named Rainbow

*That's all for right now, I will update when I figure out more about him as I write.