"So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

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I like your small eyes, the way you look at me.
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your thick eyebrows, I like it like that.
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I like your slightly pouting lips


Oh sweet love, Romeo and Juliet?

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The feast begins. A melancholy Romeo follows Benvolio and their witty friend Mercutio to Capuletโ€™s house. Once inside, Romeo sees Juliet from a distance and instantly falls in love with her; he forgets about Rosaline completely. As Romeo watches Juliet, entranced, a young Capulet, Tybalt, recognizes him, and is enraged that a Montague would sneak into a Capulet feast. He prepares to attack, but Capulet holds him back. Soon, Romeo speaks to Juliet, and the two experience a profound attraction. They kiss, not even knowing each otherโ€™s names.
As Mercutio and Benvolio leave the Capulet estate, Romeo leaps over the orchard wall into the garden, unable to leave Juliet behind. From his hiding place, he sees Juliet in a window above the orchard and hears her speak his name. He calls out to her, and they exchange vows of love.
Romeo hurries to see his friend and confessor Friar Lawrence, who, though shocked at the sudden turn of Romeoโ€™s heart, agrees to marry the young lovers in secret since he sees in their love the possibility of ending the age-old feud between Capulet and Montague. The following day, Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrenceโ€™s cell and are married. The Nurse, who is privy to the secret, procures a ladder, which Romeo will use to climb into Julietโ€™s window for their wedding night.

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I donโ€™t know love, I donโ€™t know goodbyes
I still donโ€™t know, I know that my heart wants you
Oh my boy, oh my love

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From thoughts of you, I yell inside myself, โ€œI like youโ€
The echoes answer back โ€œNo wayโ€
Without you, my feelings are down
I still believe that youโ€™ll come back


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I think of you every minute.

- Where's my love?
- What if I'm far from home?

And I didn't know I was lost...

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ROMEO+JULIETTE (์†Œ๋…„, ์†Œ๋…€๋ฅผ ๋งŒ๋‚˜๋‹ค)

I loved you, I wanted you
I went to you, so even if you hate me
My heart cries because it yearns to say more
Sadness makes another day pass by

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That love starts again
You donโ€™t know me
Nor the love I feel for you
A painful love starts again
Before I meet with you
I try not to let my feelings control me
I hate goodbyes
I canโ€™t say that I love you
And like a fool again, I couldnโ€™t hold onto you
I love you, I want to see you

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Juliette, Iโ€™ll give you my soul
Juliette, please accept me
Juliette, sweetly, a little more sweeter
Whisper my serenade

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Even without any words, I already know everything
Your eyes said they want me badly
I canโ€™t escape this habit of chasing after you
You spread like an irresistable poison
My Heart!

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