So I got a job at Lush as a seasonal hire (hopefully going to stay on as core staff afterwards) and let me tell you, it's a lot. As someone who is quite the introvert and gets totally exhausted by talking to people too much, working at Lush is quite a challenge, but a good challenge.

So let's talk about my first day, which happened to be Black Friday. I don't think I've talked to that many people in that amount of time in my life. Of course I greeted them with that genuine Lush hospitality everyone loves and tried to be as helpful as possible. I did feel a little useless, as it was my first day and there was no way I could know and help with every situation I was approached with. I don't like being annoying and needy so it was a struggle asking my team members for help, even if I knew that was totally acceptable to do.

Most of the day I was a hostess, which meant I greeted everyone who came into the store and directed them where to go depending on what they were looking for or I gave them a rundown on the store if they had never been to Lush before. So that meant I talked to EVERY SINGLE PERSON that came into the store. basically by the end, I was ready for a bath of my own.

The great thing about my new job is the environment and the people. Everyone there is a genuine human being and isn't horrible, like a couple other jobs I've worked. I get along with everyone and they are all so positive and welcoming. It actually makes me want to go to work. I love all of the things that Lush stands for (cruelty-free, environment safe packaging, fair wages, fair-trade ingredients, etc.) and all of their products are no less than luxurious.

Just pray for my introverted self during this holiday season.

I'm going to need a lot of Starbucks.