• Basic Information

~Name: Gabrielle Vulpes
~Age: 19
~Sexuality : Bi

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Bi till Die
  • Physical Appearance
body, freckles, and woman image dark hair, hair, and messy bun image hair, girl, and sweater image makeup, eye, and eyes image tashi rodriguez image book, glasses, and read image
She's short and neither skinny nor athletic, brown hair and eyes, "Latina" features, messy hair uses wavy loose or messy bum. Has freckles and Tan skin. Wear glasses.
  • Personality
  • Positive traits : Kind, Dreamer, Idealistic, Artisitc, Loyal, Smart, a Warrior.
  • Negative traits : Introvert and Shy, headstrong, Lazy, Naive, Cold, sounds arrogant (sometimes), Dramatic, Awkward.
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Smart and clever, she's a nerdo and kinda weirdo too. She's shy, introverted, sarcastic and loyal to her friends/family She's emotional, anxious and use to blame herself for everything.
  • Role
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Doctor's Companion
  • Job
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Teacher's Assistant
  • Nickname/Title
fox, animal, and autumn image fox, art, and drawing image Image removed fox and animal image
Mad Fox in a Box
  • Time travel or Space travel?
black hole, blue, and galaxy image aesthetic, david tennant, and doctor who image harry potter, time turner, and hermione granger image time travel image
Time Travel
  • Fav. Periods
80s, vintage, and aesthetic image tv, rainbow, and kiss image game, vintage, and 80s image 80s, alternative, and bad boy image
audrey hepburn, vintage, and audrey image vintage, car, and diner image milkshake, food, and chocolate image Marilyn Monroe image
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Pre-Colonial America
  • Your Doctor era - 13th Doctor
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They Would be a great comic duo, and BFFs
  • Would you fall in love with the Doctor?
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