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name: leonardo grassi
birthday: may 16th
age: 23
gender: male
family: lorena grassi (mother); camilla grassi (mother)
astrology: taurus


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6'3'', black curly hair, auburn eyes, dark skin, full lips, very fit, toned


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leonardo is a witty boy, always with a quick joke. funny even if sometimes his jokes are not the best.
sarcastic enough and dramatic in reactions.
sometimes he speaks inappropriately without thinking about the consequences of his words, he often acts instinctively and this puts him in uncomfortable situations.
he hates injustices and prejudices for the skin colours.


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leonardo has dominican origin. it was adopted at the age of five by a couple of homosexual women. since he was a child he has always been a victim of racist and homophobic comments because of his condition.
despite this he grew up surrounded by the love of his mothers and his friends, riccardo and cesare.


drink and McDonalds image Temporarily removed

colour: the chips color
food: fast food
drink: coca cola
animal: wolf
city: santo domingo
book: none
quote: "where's my food?"
movie: none


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  • leonardo has very deep love for food.
  • he loves play videogames and being a skater because he thinks is cool.


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  • he has an obsession for fries.
  • his metabolism is accelerated so he doesn't get fat for all the food he eats.
  • he loves wearing oversize clothes and t-shirts.
  • he responds to cesare messages with memes even he knows he hates them, but it's funny for him.
  • he smokes too much weed.
  • his mothers give him five skateboards.
  • he's not that good with girls.
  • he's too lazy even to find a job.
  • he get septum pierced.


art, popular, and quote image

hate me now by nas
god's plan by drake
hold my liquor by kanye west
formation by beyoncé
pour it up rihanna