I'm pretty sure you don't think about me.
And if you do, I'm sure you think of how bad did I treat you.
Today I'm numb.
I am filled with apathy.
Not for you, but for everything else in my life.
I don't wanna do anything.
I've been sitting in silence watching time pass. Every second, every minute, so heavy still so pointless.
It all just seems senseless.
time will pass and then tomorrow is gonna come and you'll be fine and I'll be sitting here, still. So still, that the silence becomes a new cloth surrounding me, that any movement would ruin the fragile state of my soul.
And I will get up, and take a shower and get dressed look in the mirror try to smile talk to my family talk to my friends tell them it's okay because I haven't cry and they wil look at me and give me the talk of how you didn't understand the worthy price you had and how it is your loss and how I have to ignore you if you come back around even when I am the one that wants you back and it all will feel...
so empty.
And I don't know what it's worse.
Feeling my heart torn apart or the feeling of being deep in a whole watching the sun go up and down again and again still not being able of crawling out of it.
Then I'm affraid.
Have you stole my shine?
Will I never find joy again in the things I used to do?
Will I ever be who I was before you?