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Here I am with another If I Were On... tag, I haven't seen one of Gossip Girl yet, so I decided to do it.

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Her Name:
Temporarily removed
Camille Archibald
Her Story:
aesthetic, beauty, and city image Image removed arrow, goals, and willa holland image Temporarily removed
Camille is Nate's twin sister, she always tought her family loves more Nate than her and even she loves him more than anything she is jealous of the attention he receives, sometimes she does crazy things just to get their family attention.
Her Appearance:
Burberry and iris law image accessories, chic, and fashion image girl, short hair, and beauty image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image
Her Style:
fashion, white, and outfit image chic, fashion, and glamour image outfit image girl, wine, and paris image
dress, fashion, and style image boss, date, and dress image fashion, style, and shoes image aesthetic, beauty, and body image
gala style
Inspiring Image on We Heart It accessories, aesthetic, and beret image Temporarily removed black, skirt, and legs image
school style
Her Personality:
Temporarily removed tvd, caroline, and guys image Temporarily removed essence, quality, and quote image
Camille is has always been a straight-A student and tends to put too much pressure on her, she is very competitive when she wasn’t competing with Nate for their parents’ attention, she was competing with Blair in academics, or with Serena in boys, she is insecure and that's why she is always seeking for attention.
Her Apartment:
black, chic, and design image house, bathroom, and design image amazing, decor, and Dream image Image removed
Her Friends:
gossip girl, blair waldorf, and serena image gossip girl, chuck bass, and nate archibald image gossip girl image gossip girl, blair, and serena image
"not judging breakfast club"
Her Job:
makeup, eyes, and beauty image artist, cosmetics, and eyeshadow image artist, black, and Brushes image glossy, makeup, and makeup artist image
Makeup Artist, she loves makeup and works at as makeup artist on Waldorf Designs.
She is studying:
social media, digital marketing, and seo company image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed auckland marketing agency image
She is also studying Digital Marketing on YALE
Her Crush/Lover:
gossip girl and carter baizen image quotes, love, and rose image always, boyfriend, and girlfriend image Temporarily removed amazing, beautiful, and fashion image always, breakups, and forever image
She and Cater Baizen started dating on season 4, Cater wanted to make Serena jealous and Camille just wanted to pissed her off, their fake relationship made them really close friends and ended up falling in love. Camille and Carter got married in Las Vegas on season 5 and she got pregnant on Season Finale.
Her Aesthetic:
quotes, family, and aesthetic image drugs, pills, and aesthetic image coffee, milk, and drink image aesthetic, character, and girl image aesthetic, character, and competition image book, girl, and aesthetic image
She thought Gossip Girl was:
Temporarily removed jenny humphrey image
Jenny Humphrey, she never liked her

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