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Hello beautiful people! Since it’s the last month of autumn, I thought I would write an article about the dream autumn themed room! For those of you who are in love with this magical season, you can enjoy the autumnal ambiance all year long with these tips on how to achieve a delightful autumn décor. Or, you could make plans for next autumn and decorate your room using these simple tips!


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Colors are important! They build up the perfect décor and before even starting to consider the different elements of your soon-to-be autumn themed room, visualize the palette you’re going to use with all the shades and tones that, not only, go with the décor itself, but suit your personal style! You could choose earth-toned colors like brown, orange, mustard yellow, beige, burgundy, earth green…

Tea, tea everywhere!

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I love having vintage-looking teacups in my room, and this item is perfect for an autumn décor! Get your hands on some dainty teacups with floral/plant patterns and put them here and there in your room. You can use the teacups to put your pencils, pens or paint brushes in. You can also pile them so that they’ll look like a sculptor, plant esculents or your favorite flowers… the possibilities are endless, so let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Shelf Decor.

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Bottles, jars, small vases… anything that has this antique feel will do! Hang some small shelves on your walls (2 are enough; you don’t want to over-crowd your room!) and decorate them with different jars and bottles in which you can put dried flowers, feathers, or anything you want! Of course, you can add more items depending on your style, such as crystals, acorns, stones, small wooden boxes, picture frames, postcards, candles…

Wall Decor.

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I love hanging stuff on my room’s walls! You can use posters (botanical posters are perfect for autumn), photographs, dried flowers, necklaces, paintings, autumn leaves, quotes… Anything that screams autumn will do!


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Candles are the perfect décor piece to any autumn themed room! It adds that romantic and cozy touch to your room. Go for scented candles and even though you don’t light them, they’ll look great put in different corners and spots in your room.


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And finally, how can we forget books! They will give off a sense of the old, that’s for sure! Have books everywhere in your room. Be it on some shelves, on your desk, on your bedside table… I find the mere presence of books very comforting, and if I’m bored, I can grab a random book and just read it!

I thank you, everyone, for reading my article and I hope that the tips are helpful (in the slightest!) I also want to thank the We Heart It Writers Team for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and words! And now, here are some autumn quotes for all of you to enjoy.

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This article was written by @sarraogba on the We Heart It Writers Team.