I´m about to end my first semester in college in the amazing career of Communication. I´m not an expert of it all yet, but I know a little bit of the college life now.

Today I´m going to tell some things about college (at least Mexican ones) on how college is like.

Tip # 1
You will read. It doesn´t matter what career you are, theoric information is very needed. Even though you are in a practica career, you will always need to read first.

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Tip # 2
A few classes doesn´t mean a few homework. It won´t be too much homework in the classes, but it will be very laborious. Maybe too much reading, maybe too much writing.

Tip # 3
Sleep is so important. When you start doing homework all the time and you start losing sleep, you realize how important is to rest.

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Tip # 4
Coffee isn´t your best friend. Even though it keeps you awake, once you start drinking it too often, it will give you a stomach ache.

Tip # 5
Knowledge is very important. More than the information on your career, general culture in your area will be very important to actually be part of the area. It will help you in anything, even in the conversation.

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Tip # 6
Books are the best source. Even though you´re still free to look for stuff on the internet, you will realize the most complete information will always be on books. You can find books even in determine web pages.

Tip # 7
The day doesn´t have enough hours. You start saying you will be on time, but since some things take more time and the others, you will realize you need more than 24 hours.

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Tip # 8
Your friends from high school will be less close. And it´s not because you don´t talk to each other anymore, but because you won´t have time. It doesn´t matter if it´s school or work, your time will be different. But if you are good friends, you will survive.

Tip # 9
You are so lucky by being in a school. Some people don´t have this chance or simply aren´t interested in it, but it will open so many doors for you and your work experience. Besides, culture and knowledge are everything.

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Tip # 10
Life will never be the same. You will need o give up some stuff like Netflix, hobbies, going out´s, even some social media. But it will be worth it.

Hope you like it!

This article was written by @luna_azul_arce on the We Heart It Writers Team.