Since Christmas time is arriving, I thought it'd be a nice idea to write down some gift ideas, because I know how hard it can be to find the right present.


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Well, if your loved one is interested in reading, you can do nothing wrong with a good book! I sure love getting them.


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Who doesn't love candles to create a cosy mood plus candles with the right smell can get you in Christmas spirits.

CD's or Vinyls

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If the one you need a present for is interested in music, then a CD or Vinyl will always be a great present. Just be sure to get the right genre/artist.


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A awesome mug to drink my tea out of? Yes, please!


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If they like to wear jewelry or you just find something that would fit them perfectly than I'm sure that they'll be happy to get such a present.

Socks or Sweaters

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Maybe they like some funny or cosy socks and some oversized warm sweaters are the best there is!

Make Up

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If they are into Make Up, you can't do anything wrong with a nice palette or some lipstick or lipgloss.

Gift Cards

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They might not be as original and personal, but they are handy and everybody goes shopping once in a while, so why not buy a gift card.

Concert Tickets

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Though this one is more exensive, they'd be so grateful and happy over concert tickets to their favorite band/singer. Or also a ticket to a football game, a theatre visit or whatever comes to your mind.

Something personal

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Make them a book with some of your favorite memories of you two, or buy some little things the love and put them all in box. Also, a frame with a picture of you two is always a great idea.

Sketchbooks or Art Supplies

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If they are artistic and creative and love to draw, you can't do aything wrong with art supplies and/or a sketchbook. Or buy them a bullet journal and some pens like Mildliner or Tombows.

I hope this helped you to find the perfect gift for yourr loves ones, i sure have some ideas now!