hello ! here's a new playlist filled with cheerful songs that will probably make you wanna dance or at least smile
i aleady made a "theme playlist" here :
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1. Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Chris Martin and coldplay image Image removed
Once you'd gone there was never, never an honest word and that was when I ruled the world


2. The Cure - Little Mix

little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image little mix, perrie edwards, and jade thirlwall image
I was a little far gone, but I'm not anymore, yeah, it's alright now, baby, I got the cure


3. The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga

Image removed Lady gaga and the edge of glory image
I'm on the edge of glory and I'm hanging on a moment with you


4. Greedy - Ariana Grande

ariana grande, ariana, and dwt image Temporarily removed
Baby, you got lucky, 'cause you're rocking with the best


5. Promises - Calvin Harris & Sam Smith

alternative, calvin harris, and Lyrics image sam smith image
I make no promises, I can't do golden rings


6. Sexy Dirty Love - Demi Lovato

demi lovato and beauty image Mature image
Lord knows I am sinning, please forgive me for my lust


7. Slide - Calvin Harris & Frank Ocean

Image removed calvin harris, goals, and music image
Walk in my mansion, twenty thousand painting, Picasso


8. Superbass - Nicki Minaj

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I mean, sigh, sickenin' eyes


9. Love On Top - Beyoncé

beyoncé, 90s, and pink image beyonce knowles, gif, and beyonce lyrics image
Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear


10. Take On Me - A-Ha

a-ha, mags, and Morten Harket image AHA and take on me image
Shying away, I'll be coming for your love


that's all ! i hope you guys liked it :)
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xx, marie